ENT 1001 Introduction to Entrepreneurship: 3 semester hours

This course focuses on the fundamental ideas of entrepreneurship. Students will develop a working knowledge of entrepreneurial concepts, vocabulary, skills, and tools through case studies and practical applications. Students will actively participate in hands-on learning and team building exercises and will prepare a business simulation.

ENT 2030 Business in the Arts: 3 semester hours

This course takes an in-depth look at business aspects through the lens of the arts, with an emphasis on cultivating and developing an entrepreneurial perspective.

ENT 3040 Creativity and Systems for Innovation: 3 semester hours

Prerequisites: ENT 1001 or permission of the instructor. This course examines systems theory, and its application to entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship. Students will develop the ability to understand and solve problems, and initiate opportunities by thinking in new ways. Students will learn about the entrepreneurial ecosystem, including the economic, social, and political factors acting on it, and how to use it to increase good outcomes.

ENT 3650 Experiential Entrepreneurship: 3 semester hours

Students will work in teams mentored by experienced entrepreneurs to generate innovative ideas and transform them into business models for economically viable business ventures. Experiential learning will be used in live customer discovery, prototyping, and market validation.

ENT 4001 Accelerate Capstone: 3 semester hours

Same as BUS AD 4001. Prerequisites: BUS AD 1001, and either EDUC 2002 or BUS AD 3040, or consent of instructor. This course provides students with a capstone experience taking an idea from planning to “launch.” This should be the last course taken in the certificate sequence and may involve elements of an instructional seminar and a practicum. May be taken in conjunction with other courses within the certificate, but it is highly suggested as the final course in the sequence.