Greek Modern


GRK MOD 1001 Modern Greek I: 5 semester hours

Emphasis is placed upon the understanding, speaking, reading, and writing of Modern Greek and upon the acquisition of the fundamentals of grammar and syntax.

GRK MOD 1002 Modern Greek II: 5 semester hours

Prerequisite: GRK MOD 1001 or equivalent. The study of vocabulary, grammar and syntax is continued from GRK MOD 1001. Readings and discussions from selected classical authors.

GRK MOD 2101 Intermediate Modern Greek Language and Culture: 3 semester hours

Prerequisites: GRK MOD 1002 or equivalent. Students will advance their understanding of modern Greek culture through discussions, readings, and written work. Language skills will be further developed through meaningful communicative interaction. This course fulfills the Humanities requirement.

GRK MOD 2102 Intermediate Modern Greek Language and Culture II: 3 semester hours

Prerequisite: GRK MOD 2101 or equivalent. Emphasis is placed on the study of Greek and Greek-American culture and the continued development of language skills through meaningful communicative interaction.

GRK MOD 2150 Modern Greek Literature in Translation: 3 semester hours

This course is an exploration of significant works by major Modern Greek authors, dealing with relevant issues of Western literary traditions. Authors include: Cavafy, Kazantzakis, Seferis, Solomos, Elytis.