LATIN 1001 Latin I: 5 semester hours

A study of Latin grammar, syntax and vocabulary accompanied by reading selections from literary texts.

LATIN 1002 Latin II: 5 semester hours

Prerequisite: LATIN 1001 or equivalent. The study of vocabulary, grammar and syntax is continued from LATIN 1001, including readings and discussion from selected classical authors.

LATIN 2101 Intermediate Latin Language and Culture: 3 semester hours

Prerequisites: LATIN 1002 or equivalent. Students will advance their understanding of Roman culture through discussions, readings, and written work. Language skills will be further developed through meaningful communicative interaction. This course fulfills the Humanities requirement.

LATIN 2150 Latin Literature in Translation: 3 semester hours

Prerequisites: Sophomore standing. Reading and discussion of selected works in Latin literature from Republican Rome to late antiquity in English translation. This course may be repeated for credit if the topics vary.

LATIN 2152 A Brief Introduction to Greek and Latin in English Today: 1 semester hour

Same as GRK ANC 2152. This online course is designed to enrich the student's general liberal arts vocabulary as well as to improve mastery of terms used in law, medicine, and science. The emphasis is on vocabulary derived from Greek and Latin. Included will be the Greek alphabet and an introduction to historical language change involving the relationship among Greek, Latin, and Romance languages, and Germanic languages (particularly English). This course is not to be taken in addition to GRK ANC 2151.

LATIN 2190 Special Readings: 1-3 semester hours

Prerequisite: LATIN 2101 and consent of department. Independent study through readings, reports and conferences.