International Affairs Undergraduate Certificate

International Affairs Certificate

Satisfactory completion of the language requirements for the degree program in which a student is enrolled.
POL SCI 1800World Politics (MOTR POSC 201)3
Select four courses from at least three of the following eleven areas:12
Area 1: Anthropology
Sex Trafficking in Cross-Cultural Perspective
Area 2: Biology
Environmental Biology
Conservation Biology
Area 3: Business Administration
Independent Study in International Business
The Law of International Business Transactions
International Corporate Finance
Business in China
International Investments
LOG OM 4381
International Management
Managing the Global Workforce
The Japanese Management System
mgmt 3685
International Business and Society
International Strategic Management
International Marketing
Marketing in the European Union
Area 4: Communication
COMM 3332
Area 5: Economics
International Economic Analysis
Area 6: Geography
World Regions (MOTR GEOG 101)
Area 7: History
US Foreign Relations and Military History Since 1900
Modern History of the Asian Pacific Rim
African Diaspora in the Age of Migration
HIST 2091
Europe, 1900-1950: War and Upheaval
Europe, 1950-Present: Peace and Prosperity
Area 8: Media Studies
Introduction to Comparative International Media Systems
Global Media Systems and Trends
Area 9: Political Science
POL SCI 1820
The Politics of European Union
POL SCI 2520
United States Foreign Policy
International Political Economy
International Organizations and Global Problem-Solving
Studies in War and Peace
Studies in International Relations
International Law
Area 10: Social Work
Asians in Migration
Area 11: Sociology
SOC 1241Globalization and Social Change3
Sociology of Business and Work Settings
Independent Study Course
Students seeking the certificate must complete an independent study course in which a research paper will be written focusing upon some aspect of international affairs. The topic should be approved in advance by International Studies and Programs. 3
Total Hours21