Latin American Studies Undergraduate Certificate

Latin American Studies Certificate

Thirteen credit hours or the equivalent in Spanish. 13
Select one of the following:3
Latin American Civilization
Mexican Civilization
Hispanic Culture And Civilization: Spanish America
Select four courses from at least three of the following areas: 12
Area 1: Anthropology
Archaeology of The Inca, Aztec, And Maya
Area 2: History
Mexican Civilization
Latin America: From Conquest to Independence
History Of Latin America Since 1808
Spain: From Superpower to Napoleon's Puppet
Area 3: Political Science
Political Systems of South America
Political Systems of Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean
Studies in Comparative Politics
Area 4: Spanish
Hispanic Culture And Civilization: Spanish America
Introduction To Hispanic Literature: Spanish America
Spanish American Literature Of The Twentieth Century
Spanish American Fiction In The Twentieth Century
Independent Study Course
Students seeking the certificate must complete an independent study course in which a research paper will be written focusing upon some aspect of Latin American Studies. The topic should be approved in advance by International Studies and Programs. 3
Total Hours31