Studies in Religion Undergraduate Certificate

A certificate in studies in religions requires the completion of 18 hours with a grade of C or better.

Courses must be chosen from two or more departments (interdisciplinary offerings excluded), and the program must include two or more courses that focus on different major religious traditions. (Courses that fulfill this requirement are marked with an asterisk [*] in the list below.)

In addition, students are encouraged to broaden their understanding of religions and religious experience by enrolling in several courses in which these subjects are studied in philosophical or cultural contexts.

Students must obtain the approval of the coordinator of studies in religions before completing 12 hours toward this certificate.


Select 6 of the following list in accordance with the guidelines above:18
Archaeology And Cultures Of The Biblical World
Medieval Art
Literature of the Old Testament
ENGL 2250
Special Topics In Literature 1
Selected Topics in History 2
Christianity: From Jesus to Martin Luther
Europe in Early Middle Ages: Paganism to Christianity
HIST 2089
Asian Philosophy
Philosophy of Religion
Medieval Philosophy
Political Science
POL SCI 2610
POL SCI 2650
Total Hours18