Modern Languages and Study Abroad Undergraduate Certificate

Students seeking the certificate must complete language courses at UMSL and abroad. The Center for International Studies and the Department of Language and Cultural Studies cooperate in offering the Certificate.

  1. Modern language study at UMSL
    Students must select one of the following languages and complete the required courses at UMSL. Total: 6 credit hours. (8 hours for Spanish)


FRENCH 2170Intermediate French Language and Culture3
FRENCH 2180Readings in French3
Total Hours6


GERMAN 2170Intermediate Practice in Speaking and Writing German3
GERMAN 2180Intermediate Readings In German3
Total Hours6


SPANISH 2172Spanish Composition4
SPANISH 2180Readings In Spanish4
Total Hours8


JAPAN 2102Intermediate Japanese II5
JAPAN 3201Intermediate Japanese III4
Total Hours9

2. Foreign language study abroad

Students must complete a minimum of two additional three credit hour courses taught in the target language at a foreign university that is affiliated with the UMSL Study Abroad Program, with the goal of increasing linguistic competence. All courses must be approved by Language faculty members.

Students should consult the study abroad advisor in International Studies and Programs to select a site for their study abroad experience. Then, students should consult their advisor in the Department of Language and Cultural Studies to select appropriate courses.