Theatre Arts Minor

Minor in Theatre Arts

Students with other majors may choose to minor in Theatre Arts to complement their academic and career goals. The minor requires 21 hours of Theatre Arts courses, nine of which must be taken at UMSL. A minimum GPA of 2.0 is required in the minor.

A Minor in Theatre Arts consists of the following:

Select two of the following Performance related courses:6
Fundamentals Of Acting
Ensemble Acting
Writing for Performance
Directing for the Theatre
Select one of the following Design/Technology related courses:3
Introduction to Theatrical Costume Production
Digital Scenography
Costume Design I
Digital Lighting Design
Select one of the following Production related courses:3
Theatre Workshop
Introduction to Theatre Technology
Introduction to Theatrical Costume Production
Advanced Theatre Workshop
Select one of the following Practicum courses:3
Practicum in Performance Studies
Practicum in Scenery/Lighting/Sound in Theatre Production
Practicum in Costume
Advanced Practicum in Performance Studies
Adv Theatre Practicum: Scenery/Lighting/Sound in Theatre Produc
Advanced Practicum in Costume
Select two from the following:6
Introduction to World Cinema
Introduction to Cinema
History of American Film
Writing for Performance
Total Hours21