Internship and Cooperative Education Positions

Internships and Co-ops give students the opportunity to combine classroom studies with work experience in a field related to their education and career goals. These degree related positions offer students an excellent opportunity to gain professional job experience and earn money to help with expenses while in school. Through these opportunities, students begin to understand what career choices they might make, gain valuable contacts in their field, and, in many cases, get paid for their work. They graduate with a college degree and an impressive resume. Career Services and academic departments work with students and employers to ensure that positions are linked to curriculum and career development. These opportunities are available to UMSL students at all levels in all majors. Contact Career Services for more information at 516-5111, or visit 278 Millennium Center.

ECH ED 4991 Student Teaching in Early Childhood Education II: 6 semester hours

Prerequisites: Level II, ECH ED 3313, ECH ED 3314, ECH ED 4989, Must be taken with ECH ED 4991, and must immediately precede ECH ED 4991 in the semester. Must follow ECH ED 4990 in the same semester. Clinical teaching experience in early childhood education classrooms in the schools under University and school supervision. Assignments will be in different school districts buildings, serving families of different socio-economic and cultural backgrounds, and at different age/grade levels from those of the ECH ED 4990 assignments. Required of all majors in early childhood education. Not available for graduate credit.

EDUC 4991 Internship III: 6 semester hours

Prerequisites: B- or better or concurrent enrollment in EDUC 4990 or consent of instructor. Supervised field experience in an approved setting.

HLTH PE 4991 Practicum II: Health and Physical Education Grades 5-9: 6 semester hours

Prerequisites: HLTH PE 4989. Clinical teaching experiences in Health and Physical Education settings in schools under university and school supervision. Required of all majors in Physical Education receiving certification in Health Education and Physical Education, K-9. Not available for graduate credit.

SPEC ED 4991 Special Education Student Teaching II: 6 semester hours

Prerequisites: Completion of all Level I, II and III coursework. Must enroll in both SPEC ED 4990 and SPEC ED 4991. Clinical teaching experiences in secondary school classrooms under university and school supervision. Must be taken during the same semester as SPEC ED 4990. Required for all majors in special education. Not available for graduate credit.