ENGLĀ 3100 Junior-Level Writing: 3 semester hours

Prerequisites: ENGL 1100 or equivalent (3-6 credit hours) and 56 credit hours. Focuses on writing and literacies in various contexts. Builds on intellectual maturity, knowledge, and abilities gained through prior university studies. Enhances analytical, communicative, persuasive, and explanatory capabilities. Includes complex readings and research. Fulfills the university's requirement for a junior-level course in Communicative Skills. Counts toward the Certificate in Writing. May not be taken on a satisfactory/unsatisfactory basis.

Chemistry and Biochemistry


...Freshman Composition ( ENGL 1100 ), junior English courses (e.g., ENGL 3160 , ENGL 3100 )] which is...



...the following: 3 ENGL 3100 Junior-Level Writing ENGL 3120 Business Writing ENGL 3130 Technical...

Undergraduate Study


...fall semester 1985, students must also complete ENGL 3100 , Junior-Level Writing, or its equivalent...

Criminology and Criminal Justice


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Art and Design


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