HONORSĀ 3100 Honors Advanced Composition: Writing The City: 3 semester hours

Prerequisites: Consent of the Dean of the Honors College. Enhances critical thinking, research, discussion and writing skills by focusing on the city of St. Louis and on the specific fields of study of those enrolled in the course. Issues such as depth and development of content, voice, style, tone, correct expression, and research techniques are among the topics emphasized. Students maintain a Commonplace Book of journals, drafts, and creative writings; they also submit a minimum of four formal papers. This course is required for transfer students (two-year Honors Program) and an elective for students on the four-year program. For students on either program, HONORS 3100 meets the Advanced Composition requirement of the University.

Pierre Laclede Honors College


The Pierre Laclede Honors College mission is to enrich the educational experience of a select group of highly motivated and intelligent undergraduates. With this in mind, it enrolls students who are ready to accept academic challenges and become creatively involved in the learning process.



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