HONORSĀ 4900 Independent Study in Honors: 1-6 semester hours

Prerequisites: Consent of the Dean of the Honors College. Open only to Honors College students and not acceptable for graduate credit. Most Honors students will fulfill their Honors independent study requirements in another department or division of the university. Where this is not possible, and where academic credit seems an appropriate reward for the independent study in question, the project may be undertaken as HONORS 4900, normally as a 3-credit course. This will involve substantial reading, research, and/or field work, and will be supervised by a permanent member of the Honors College academic staff. Completed proposal forms for this course must be submitted to the Honors College not later than the deadline for university registration.

Pierre Laclede Honors College


The Pierre Laclede Honors College mission is to enrich the educational experience of a select group of highly motivated and intelligent undergraduates. With this in mind, it enrolls students who are ready to accept academic challenges and become creatively involved in the learning process.

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...listed: HONORS 4100 Independent Portfolio Writing HONORS 4900 Independent Study in Honors or HONORS 4910...