PSYCH 2211 Introduction to Biological Psychology: 3 semester hours

Prerequisites: PSYCH 1003 and 3 hours of BIOL chosen from either BIOL 1012, or BIOL 1102, or BIOL 1831. Students with career goals that include graduate study in Psychology are urged to complete the BIOL 1831 prerequisite for this course. This course introduces psychology students to behavioral neuroscience and neuropsychology. Course topics include basic neuroanatomy and neurophysiology, neurodevelopment, sensory and motor systems, and the integration of subcortical and cortical networks. All are covered with an emphasis on behavioral outcomes of normal and pathological functioning of the brain. All psychology majors must complete this course with a grade of C- or higher.

Psychological Sciences

...requirements. 3 Pre-requisite Biology courses for PSYCH 2211 Biological Psychology may not be used...