SOC WK 4300 Social Work Practice with Communities: 3 semester hours

Prerequisites: SOC WK 3210 taken prior to or concurrently, senior standing. Continuation of basic practice skills with emphasis given to analysis and intervention at the community level. Includes assessment of community assets and needs and the development of community-level interventions. Emphasis is also placed on helping the practitioner evaluate the impact of intervention.

SOC 4300 Communities and Crime: 3 semester hours

Same as CRIMIN 4300. Prerequisites: CRIMIN 1110, CRIMIN 1120, CRIMIN 2130, CRIMIN 2210, CRIMIN 2220, ENGL 3100 or consent of instructor. Analysis of the sources, consequences, and control of crime within communities. Emphasis on social and ecological theories of crime, and on population instability, family structure, and the concentration of poverty as causes of crime.