Internship and Cooperative Education Positions

Internship/Cooperative Education Positions

Internships and Co-ops give students the opportunity to combine classroom studies with work experience in a field related to their education and career goals. These degree related positions offer students an excellent opportunity to gain professional job experience and earn money to help with expenses while in school. Through these opportunities, students begin to understand what career choices they might make, gain valuable contacts in their field, and, in many cases, get paid for their work. They graduate with a college degree and an impressive resume. Career Services and academic departments work with students and employers to ensure that positions are linked to curriculum and career development. These opportunities are available to UMSL students at all levels in all majors. Contact Career Services for more information at 516-5111, or visit 278 Millennium Center.

In addition to internships available through Career Services, internships and practica are available through many academic departments. Academic advisors can provide information about the requirements for these experiences, some of which are summarized below:

College of Arts and Sciences


ANTHRO 4325- ANTHRO 4329, Internship in Cultural Anthropology, Archaeology, Folklore, Museum Studies, Physical Anthropology - elective, for credit; placement with outside organizations; junior standing required. Positions available on competitive basis as lab and research assistants, teachers/facilitators, and interns/assistants - optional, noncredit.

The Human Origin and Cultural Diversity program offers internships in educational anthropology and diversity education.


ART HS 3387, Professional Internship for Art History majors only elective, for credit.


BIOL 3699, Undergraduate Internship in Biotechnology - optional as part of certificate program, for credit or noncredit, enrollment in certificate program required.

BIOL 4299, Practicum in Conservation - required as part of certificate program, for credit, enrollment in certificate program required.

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Opportunities are available to pursue research with faculty members for credit during the academic year, normally while enrolled in CHEM 3905. Stipends may be available in some cases. Expanded opportunities are available in the summer through the Research Experience for Undergraduates Program, which is typically funded by the National Science Foundation and local industry. In some cases students may conduct CHEM 3905 research at a local company through collaborative arrangement between a faculty members and an industrial chemist.


COMM 4920, Practicum in Applied Communication

COMM 4950, Internship in Applied Communication

Computer Science

CMP SCI 3990, Undergraduate Internship in Computer Science

Criminology and Criminal Justice

CRIMIN 3280, Internship in Criminology and Criminal Justice - elective, for credit.


ECON 4990, Internship in Applied Economics; not required; 3 hours maximum.


ENGL 4890, Independent Writing Project - internships offered in areas such as journalism, public relations, advertising, publishing, and technical writing; for credit, enrollment in Writing Certificate Program required.


HIST 4001, Special Readings - internships occasionally available with historical agencies; department chair and/or undergraduate coordinator must approve to obtain credit.


Career-related work arrangements for students majoring in math are primarily administered through Career Services located in 278 Millennium Student Center. These positions are paid and non-credit-bearing. 


PRACTM 4920, Internship – required, for credit, enrollment in bachelor of music business required. Department sponsored internships available for all majors at St. Louis area arts institutions.

Physics and Astronomy

The department funds research internships in the department in both physics and astronomy. The awards are competitive, and preference is given to students who have completed the PHYSICS 2111/ PHYSICS 2112 sequence.

Political Science

POL SCI 3940 Public Affairs Internship - required, for credit, for bachelor of science in public administration program. It may also count as an elective, for credit, within the bachelor of arts in political science program and is open to all majors. Placements include municipal, state, and federal governmental agencies, nonprofit organizations, courts, and political campaign offices.


PSYCH 3390, Research Assistant.

Social Work

SOC WK 4800 and SOC WK 4850, Supervised Field Experience in Social Work I and II - required, for credit, admission to B.S.W. program and prior consent of instructor are required.


SOC 4385 Internship in Sociology - elective, for credit.

College of Business Administration

Career Services works in partnership with the College of Business Administration to assist students in securing career-related work arrangements for students majoring in all areas of business. These positions can be paid or unpaid and credit bearing or non-credit bearing. Those students choosing to receive academic credit through one of the courses listed below must contact the College of Business Administration Internship Coordinator in Room 469 SSB, by phone at 314-516-6117, or by email.

ACCTNG 3490Internship in Accounting1-3
BUS AD 3090Internship in Business Administration1-3
INTL BUS 3289Practicum in International Business3
BUS AD 3990Internship in Business Law1-3
FINANCE 3590Internship in Finance1-3
INFSYS 3890Internship in Information Systems1-3
MGMT 3690Internship in Management1-3
MKTG 3790Internship in Marketing1-3
SCMA 3390Internship in Supply Chain and Analytics1-3

College of Education

Internships (4989) are required for 3 hours credit for most undergraduate programs and Site Based Experience (4990 and 4991) is required for 12 hours credit in all teacher certification programs. For more information, contact the Teacher Certification and Advising Office at 314-516-6710.

Joint Engineering Program

UMSL/Washington University Joint Undergraduate Engineering Program career-related work arrangements for students majoring in all areas of engineering are administered through Career Services and the UMSL Engineering Advisor. These positions are paid and non-credit-bearing.

College of Nursing

Clinical courses are required in both the undergraduate and graduate programs. These experiences are limited to nursing majors only.

Pierre Laclede Honors College

Internships chosen by Honors College students, or arranged by their major departments, are valuable opportunities to broaden educational experience while also meeting the honors independent study requirement for graduation.