Elementary Education MEd with Elementary and Special Education Teacher Certification

This program of study is for individuals with a bachelor's degree who would like to pursue
elementary teacher certification and Master’s degree in Elementary Education. This option leads
to Missouri Initial Teacher Certification in Elementary Teaching 1-6 with an add-on in
Mild/Moderate Cross-Categorical Disabilities, K-12 Special Education.

Admission Requirements for the Option in Teacher Certification:

  1. A passing score on the designated Missouri Content Examination or an approved program of study
  2. A 2.75 or higher overall GPA
  3. Approved results of the Family Care Safety Registry
  4. A clear TB test or chest x-ray, if appropriate

Applicants must meet the application deadlines set by The Graduate School.

Required Certification Courses
TCH ED 5001Advanced Mid-Level Clinical Experience: Diverse Learners1
TCH ED 6565Enriching Learning through Multicultural Arts, Music, Physical Education and Health1-2
TCH ED 6566Cross-Curricular Connections with Multicultural Arts, Music, Physical Education and Health1
ED PSY 6030Instruction, Learning, and Assessment3
ED PSY 6222Advanced Studies in Child and Adolescent Development3
TCH ED 5310AInstructional Design: Lesson Planning for Teachers2
ELE ED 6337Teaching and Learning Literacy in the Elementary Classrooms: Teaching Reading and Writing4
ELE ED 6342Addressing the Mathematical Needs of Students3
ED TECH 6135Technology for Preparing Inquiry-Based Teaching1
SPEC ED 6412Foundations of Inclusive Education3
SPEC ED 6315Speech & Language Interventions that Assist Children with Disabilities3
SPEC ED 6325Positive Behavior Interventions for Individual, Classroom and School-wide Systems3
ELE ED 6338Literacy Assessment for Guided Instruction3
ELE ED 6241Science Content, Inquiry-Based Instruction, and Assessment: STEM-Integrated Pedagogy 2
ELE ED 6246Math Content Pedagogy, Inquiry-Based Instruction, and Assessment3
ELE ED 6253Teaching Social Studies through Reading, Writing, and English Language Learners3
SPEC ED 6342Transition Education for Adult Life3
SPEC ED 6346Reading Instruction and Intervention in Special Education3
SPEC ED 6415Disability Law & Policy3
ELE ED 5989Practicum I: Elementary/Special Education Site-Based Experience2
ELE ED 5990Practicum II: Elementary/Special Education Site-Based Experience8
Total Hours58-59

In addition to the courses required for certification, candidates seeking a Master’s in Education
must complete the following courses:

TCH ED 6010Examining History, Community and Social Justice in Education3
TCH ED 6909Teacher Action Research I3
TCH ED 6910Teacher Action Research Capstone3
Total Hours9