Psychology MA, Industrial/Organizational Emphasis

Master of Arts in Psychology

The psychology department at the University of Missouri-St. Louis offers a program of studies leading to the Master of Arts degree with a specialization in either Behavioral Neuroscience or Industrial/Organizational Psychology. The M.A. degree is a terminal degree and is separate from the Ph.D. program in Psychology. There is no thesis or language requirement. The M.A. degree does not constitute a license to practice in Missouri or elsewhere as a professional Psychologist. The M.A. program does not offer course work in Counseling or Clinical Psychology.

The M.A. in Psychology requires a total of 32 semester hours of graduate course work in Behavioral Neuroscience or 45 semester hours of course work in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. All students in the Master's program must take the course work prescribed by their emphasis area. All programs of study for M.A. students require the approval of the Director of the Behavioral Neuroscience program or Director of the Industrial/Organization program. 

Emphasis in Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Effective Fall 2018, the Industrial Organizational Psychology program will no longer be accepting applications.

The University of Missouri-St. Louis offers a program of studies leading to a Masters of Arts degree in Psychology with an emphasis in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. This program embraces the scientist-practitioner model and provides a balanced training in I/O. This emphasis provides "industrial" training in areas such as personnel selection, training, and test development/validation, as well as "organizational" training in areas such as work motivation, leadership, mentoring, and group processes. Conducting research with faculty and other training experiences are also incorporated. Masters students take 45 hours of courses. Completion of the Masters program does not qualify one for admittance to the doctoral program. Masters students must reapply for consideration to the doctoral program.  Additionally, Masters students are not required to complete an empirical research thesis.

PSYCH 5468Seminar: Cognitive Processes3
PSYCH 7412Social Psychology3
PSYCH 7421Quantitative Methods I4
PSYCH 7422Quantitative Methods II4
PSYCH 7449Research Methods and Project Development In Applied Psychology3
PSYCH 7454Seminar: Personnel Psychology3
PSYCH 7455Seminar: Organizational Psychology3
PSYCH 7457Seminar: Special Topics in Industrial Psychology3
PSYCH 7458Seminar: Special Topics in Organizational Psychology3
PSYCH 7466Seminar Series in Industrial/Organizational Psychology4
MGMT 5611Advanced Organizational Behavior and Administrative Processes3
MGMT 5621Managing Human Resources3
MGMT 5625Selected Topics in Human Resource Management3
Choose one of the following:
Psychometric Theory
I/O Professional Issues and Ethics
Quantitative Methods III
Applied Issues in Organizational Psychology
Special Topics in Psychology
Total Hours45