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The Graduate School of the University of Missouri-St Louis promotes a culturally and intellectually diverse learning environment in which scholarship and creativity flourish.   To fulfill the teaching and research goals of the university, the Graduate School provides leadership to graduate programs that inspire in students a passion for discoveries.  Our programs reflect our mission as a public metropolitan research university. The scholarly and creative activity of our faculty and graduate students serves the local community and advances academic disciplines at the national and international level.

Graduate Faculty:  The Graduate Faculty consist of all tenured and tenure-track faculty. Upon recommendation by a college, qualified visiting and part-time adjunct faculty may be approved by the Graduate Council to teach graduate courses for a period of up to five years.  

Members of the Graduate Faculty may serve as members of comprehensive examination committees, exit project committees, and master's thesis committees.  Only tenured or tenure-track members of the Graduate Faculty may chair a doctoral dissertation committee.

The Graduate Faculty meet at least once in the fall and once in the spring each academic year. At those meetings the Graduate Faculty ratify any substantive changes in the policies of the Graduate School.

Graduate Council:  The Graduate Council is an elected faculty body that works closely with the Graduate Dean to:

            Approve all non-regular appointments to the Graduate Faculty.

            Continuously review and amend Graduate School policies to improve procedures and maintain rigorous academic standards.

Facilitate interdisciplinary communication and respond to innovations in teaching and research.

            Review and approve all curricular changes in graduate courses and degree programs.

After the Graduate Council approves a curricular proposal, the proposal goes to the Faculty Senate for review and approval. New programs also require approval of the University of Missouri System and the Missouri Coordinating Board for Higher Education.

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