INTDSC 1003 University Studies: 1 semester hour

This course, required of all new freshmen in the College of Arts and Science, is designed to assist students in making the transition to the university experience and to UMSL by giving students the knowledge and tools needed to succeed as a scholar. The course will also familiarize students with the relationship between their education and their career and personal goals, and will assist in developing positive connections with faculty, staff, and peers at UMSL. Students will learn about faculty expectations, support services, and student life, as well as academic disciplines. The course counts toward the 120 credit hours needed for graduation.

INTDSC 1004 SUCCEED Special Topics: 1-3 semester hours

Prerequisites: By consent of SUCCEED director. This course is designed to assist students in the SUCCEED program make the transition to the university experience and to UMSL. This course gives students in SUCCEED the opportunity to be co-enrolled in courses that meet their interests and abilities through a mutual agreement between SUCCEED staff and UMSL course instructors regarding enrollment and student expectations.

INTDSC 1010 Information Research & Student Success: 1 semester hour

Students will use online library resources to learn search techniques for different types of information. Course content will be delivered through interactive, online tutorials and short, informative videos. Students will develop an understanding of academic research that will set a foundation for critical thinking skills. The course will help students in practical ways, such as for researching term papers, but also in more abstract ways, such as exposing them to the world of scholarship and academic knowledge.

INTDSC 1030 Language and Communicative Arts Across the Disciplines: 3 semester hours

Prerequisites: None. This course is designed to advance the academic skills of university-level students. This course consists of listening to academic lectures across the disciplines; reading texts and articles to supplement lectures; writing summaries, essays and responses to exam questions; understanding and editing grammar and sentence structure; phonetics and word stress patterns; presentation skills; and advancing skills in note-taking, critical thinking, and comprehension of advanced college-level vocabulary of various fields of study.

INTDSC 1220 Special Topics In Gerontology: 3 semester hours

Same as GERON 2220. Selected topics dealing with various aspects of gerontology. The specific content of this course will vary from semester to semester. The course may be repeated with permission from the Gerontology Director.

INTDSC 1700 Major and Career Exploration: 1 semester hour

This course is designed to provide students with the opportunity to learn & explore various majors and career paths within a structured setting. Both informative and interactive, the course will provide students with the opportunity to learn broadly about college majors and their relationship to the 'world of work,' while also researching specifically the options they are interested in pursuing. The course seeks to assist students with answering two questions, "What do I want to study?" and "How do I want to make a life for myself (and family)?" Components of the course will also educate students about the current and projected employment market, and how to further research pertinent career information.

INTDSC 1999 Big History: From the Big Bang to the Blackberry: 9 semester hours

Same As HIST 1999. An introduction to the humanities, social science, and science disciplines through a sweeping overview of natural and human history from the Big Bang ot the present. Course will include lectures from faculty in various Arts and Sciences units, films, field trips, and group discussions.

INTDSC 2003 Careers in Health and Medicine: 1 semester hour

Same as ANTHRO 2003, GERON 2003, SOC 2003. In this course, students will learn about occupations in such fields as medicine, the allied health professions, health non-profit organizations, and global healthcare delivery. Students will understand the education and skills necessary for various careers and for application to medical, professional, and graduate schools, and will become familiar with majors, certificates and minors that are available at UMSL. They will learn about employment opportunities in the healthcare industry in the St. Louis metropolitan area, and will be introduced to members of the local community who give guest lectures. Students will gain practical experience by shadowing a healthcare professional in their job.

INTDSC 3010 Peer Mentoring: 1-3 semester hours

Prerequisites: Instructor's consent required. The objective of this interdisciplinary course is to prepare and support undergraduate students working across campus as learning assistants, tutors, peer mentors, student leaders, etc. The course will support the development of general pedagogical knowledge of active learning, leadership and facilitation skills, and effective communication and listening skills, that they will use to facilitate learning in settings where students are working collaboratively, reviewing course content, or receiving supplemental instruction to guide their success. This course may be repeated for up to 6 credit hours.