Media Studies


MEDIA ST 1055 Introduction to Social Media: 3 semester hours

Introduction to the creation and rise of social media/networks. Course will cover the impact and influence of dominant sites along with individual, group, political, and commercial behavior changes. The course will examine how social media platforms can be integrated with other current tools. Issues such as privacy, censorship, cyber-bullying, and the use of social media for anit-social/terrorist activities will be explored.

MEDIA ST 1065 Internet Media: 3 semester hours

This studio course will cover the principles of media design as they apply to the interactive world of the web. Sensitivity to the visual elements of online interfaces will be developed through analysis of the changing nature of communication technologies. Students will conceive and create their own web-based media projects.

MEDIA ST 1070 Introduction to Cinema: 3 semester hours

Same as THEATR 1070. This course provides an overview of American cinema from the early beginnings of D.W. Griffith and his contemporaries to the present day. The course will discuss both the Hollywood studio system and today's independent movement. Genre, film theory, criticism, and aesthetics are also covered.

MEDIA ST 1100 Introduction to Advertising: 3 semester hours

An introduction to the history, rhetoric, and aesthetics of Advertising. A basic understanding of industry issues and key areas such as account management, research, strategy, creative, media, and production.

MEDIA ST 1110 Introduction to Broadcasting and Digital Media: 3 semester hours

This course provides an introduction to the broadcasting and digital media industries. It also addresses topics including history, government regulations, technological changes, and social implications.

MEDIA ST 1198 Practicum in Media Studies: 1-6 semester hours

Prerequisites: Consent of instructor. Open to Media Studies majors or minors only; not open to students who have delayed grades outstanding. Practical work in a field related to media studies supervised by a faculty member. This course may be repeated for up to 20 credit hours.

MEDIA ST 1500 Entertainment Economics: The Movie Industry: 3 semester hours

Same as ECON 1500. This survey course examines the interrelationships between economics and the movie industry. It explores the impact of economic factors on the production, distribution and exhibition of movies, focusing on the rise and fall of the studio system, role of technological change in the evolution of cinematography and the movie marketplace, financing and market segmentation, globalization and changing industrial structure within which films are produced. To the extent that movies reflect and contribute to popular economic perspectives, this course also evaluates the soundness of the movie industry's depiction of a variety of economic doctrines. Classes will consist of lecture, discussion, and brief film screenings.

MEDIA ST 2080 Advertising Copywriting: 3 semester hours

Same as ENGL 2080. To give students a hands-on approach for writing advertising material for print and broadcast against tight deadlines in a professional setting.

MEDIA ST 2090 Creative Advertising: 3 semester hours

Prerequisites: MEDIA ST 1100 or consent of instructor. Explores the fundamentals of the creative process by discussing selling messages, marketplace diversity, research, strategy, layouts, and the creative brief. Emphasis on creative campaigns for radio, television, direct marketing, and the Internet.

MEDIA ST 2113 Media Production I: 3 semester hours

Study of the basic skills needed to create media packages. The class will provide students with practical experience in camera operation, directing, producing, switching, audio mixing, and lighting, as well as basic non-linear editing. Lab arranged.

MEDIA ST 2114 Radio Production I: 3 semester hours

Prerequisites: MEDIA ST 1110. Theory and practice in the creation of radio programs. Laboratory experience included.

MEDIA ST 2180 Introduction to News Writing: 3 semester hours

This course focuses on developing stories and news writing; staff of The Current and other student publications are encouraged to enroll.

MEDIA ST 2210 Video Production I: 3 semester hours

This course covers the basic theories and practice of remote video production. Producing and directing in the field will be examined and practiced. The course will focus on technical and aesthetic aspects of cinematic production. Lab arranged.

MEDIA ST 2211 Introduction to Digital Multimedia Production: 3 semester hours

Students will explore different state-of-the-art digital multimedia applications, including audio, video, and computer generated graphics, that are presently used in television, radio, CD, DVD, and online presentation. Current media related software such as QuickTime, Window Media, and Flash multimedia creation will be demonstrated and utilized to develop skill sets in those areas.

MEDIA ST 2212 Broadcast Writing and Reporting: 3 semester hours

Prerequisites: MEDIA ST 1110 or consent of instructor. Elementary principles and practice of writing for radio and television in varied program formats, emphasis on preparation of written materials for news and public affairs presentation. Lecture and lab.

MEDIA ST 2222 Convergence and Digital Media: 3 semester hours

The development of new media technologies results in convergence, in which the lines between or among formerly separate media are blurred. Convergence and Digital Media focuses on the emerging media forms which result, including such new options as mobile apps for audio and video, blogs, and social media, as well as new tools for media creation for personal, social, business, and organizational expression. The course will examine emerging media technical options, effective message strategies in the context of emerging media, and basic principles associated with the practical use of tools for the creation of emerging media content. Both a lecture/discussion format and a hands-on project approach will be utilized.

MEDIA ST 2225 Live Events Media: 3 semester hours

Techniques and aesthetics of recording live video events. Course will include practical application training for single- and multi-camera shoots of concerts, lectures, theatre, dance, weddings, and other special events.

MEDIA ST 2235 Media Theory: 3 semester hours

Prerequisite: COMM 1050. This courses presents a theory-based explanation of the relationship between mass media and society. The topics covered include agenda-setting, violence and television, and other current issues from a critical perspective.

MEDIA ST 2270 Introduction to Sound Recording: 3 semester hours

An applied multimedia production course focusing on audio principles, digital recording equipment, sound reproduction, and multimedia production techniques. Course includes theoretical aspects of sound, acoustics, audio signal flow, and the aesthetics of sound mixing.

MEDIA ST 2274 African-American Cinema: 3 semester hours

Prerequisites: THEATR 1070 or MEDIA ST 1070; or equivalent. This course studies the impact of cinema and the entertainment industry on the social perceptions of African-Americans and on African-American culture. The history of African-American films from Oscar Micheaux in the 1920's through 1970's Blaxploitation to present directors and producers will be examined. African-American experiences and roles in films will also be discussed.

MEDIA ST 2500 Introduction to Comparative International Media Systems: 3 semester hours

This course introduces students to various media systems and theories around the world. It examines similarities and differences in media history, structures, and regulatory processes of developing countries, focusing on the dominant culture(s) of non-western regions. It also provides a framework for understanding and analyzing the cultural differences among global media systems in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. In addition, the course examines aboriginal and other development media. The course fulfills the cultural diversity requirement.

MEDIA ST 2510 Fundamentals of Mobile Design: 3 semester hours

Building on core web languages and programming standards, this course introduces central concepts, techniques, methodologies, and best practices in the creation and deployment of mobile websites, applications, and user interface.

MEDIA ST 3025 Current Issues in Strategic Communication: 3 semester hours

Prerequisites: MEDIA ST 1100 or COMM 1150, junior standing or consent of instructor. The course covers current trends, topics, and controversies in advertising, public relations, and related fields. Students will analyze, evaluate, and critique current topics in group discussions. Students are expected to help select and research the topics as well as lead discussion with the support from the instructor.

MEDIA ST 3030 Advertising and Social Media: 3 semester hours

Prerequisite: MEDIA ST 2090. Examination of advertising online with such topics as: social communities, friendvertising, virtual worlds, brand building, media democracy, online opinions, gaming, and how companies can leverage their brand using two-way interaction.

MEDIA ST 3113 Media Production II: 3 semester hours

Prerequisite: MEDIA ST 2113. Advanced study of the skills needed to create media packages. The class will provide students with a continuation of practical training in camera operations, directing, producing, switching, audio mixing, and lighting, as well as more advanced post production techniques. Lab arranged.

MEDIA ST 3150 Feature Writing: 3 semester hours

Same as ENGL 3150. Prerequisites: ENGL 1100 or equivalent. Study of freelance and staff-written magazine or newspaper feature articles. Emphasis on relationship between types of publication and article content, research methods, and writing style. Frequent short assignments - journal entries, interviews, library projects, article critiques, and market reports - lead to production of full-length feature articles. May not be taken on the satisfactory/unsatisfactory option. The course counts toward the English Certificate in Writing.

MEDIA ST 3180 Reporting: 3 semester hours

Same as ENGL 3180. Prerequisites: ENGL 3140 or equivalent. Theory and practice of reporting news for publication in the print media. Includes one classroom session and one field assignment weekly. Stories must be filed within deadline limit. Writing emphasis is on clarity, conciseness, and accuracy. The course counts toward the English certificate in Writing.

MEDIA ST 3201 Narratives from the Forever Wars: 3 semester hours

Same as MVS 3201 and ENGL 3201. This course studies literature and film written by and about those who served in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, with particular interest in how veterans as individuals are represented in it.

MEDIA ST 3215 Commercial Media Applications: 3 semester hours

Prerequisites: MEDIA ST 2210, MEDIA ST 2211; or consent of instructor. An integrated application of audio, video, and digital media production techniques for commercial purposes. Emphasizing a client-centered approach, students gain practical experience in developing media applications that conform to client-defined specifications.

MEDIA ST 3260 Design for Stage and Screen: 3 semester hours

Same as THEATR 3260. Prerequisites: Consent of instructor. This course surveys the professional theories and practices used in the field of design for stage and screen. It emphasizes a digital design process and collaboration.

MEDIA ST 3261 Lighting for Stage and Screen: 3 semester hours

Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. This course surveys the theories and techniques used in digital lighting design and production for the stage and screen. It emphasizes professional practices and applications of lighting for both stage and screen.

MEDIA ST 3272 Feature Film Production: 3 semester hours

Same as THEATR 3272. Prerequisites: MEDIA ST 2210 or consent of instructor. This course will help students explore the production of their own narrative, documentary, or experimental film. It focuses on the pre-production process which includes casting, scheduling, production design, budget, scheduling, and securing a crew as well as production challenges like working with actors, communicating with a crew, sticking to a budget and adhering to a restricted shooting schedule.

MEDIA ST 3310 Video Production II: 3 semester hours

Prerequisite: MEDIA ST 2210. Study of advanced theories of media production. Refinement of production principles learned in MEDIA ST 2210. Exploration of complex program formats, and advanced non-linear editing techniques. Lab arranged.

MEDIA ST 3313 Advanced Video Editing: 3 semester hours

Prerequisites: Six (6) hours of television production. Study of advanced non-linear editing techniques, animation, and advanced graphics development. Exploration of state of the art editing formats. Lab arranged.

MEDIA ST 3317 Audio Media Industries: 3 semester hours

Prerequisite: Junior standing. This course covers the historical development and current status of the audio media industries such as music recording, radio broadcasting, and digital streaming. It addresses the impact of recording, broadcasting, and digital distribution technology on the development of popular music and of other audio media such as talk radio and podcasts.

MEDIA ST 3318 Advanced Independent Video Production: 3 semester hours

Prerequisites: MEDIA ST 2210. This course will enable students to plan, script, shoot and edit advanced independent video productions for exhibition and competitive formats. Emphasis will be placed upon auteur conceptualization, production, and direction. May be repeated for up to a total of 6 credit hours.

MEDIA ST 3334 Advertising Media Planning: 3 semester hours

Prerequisites: MEDIA ST 1100. A hands-on study of how to determine an advertising budget, select media and develop a strategic plan.

MEDIA ST 3338 Advertising Technique: 3 semester hours

Same as MKTG 3738. Prerequisite: MEDIA ST 1100 or MKTG 3700 or consent of instructor. Techniques for creating advertising messages and campaigns to reach target audiences. Focus on the process of persuasion, importance of advertising in modern economics, rationale for company advertisement, evaluation of advertising effectiveness, and assessment of advertising myths and truths. Practical application of messages and campaigns will be stressed.

MEDIA ST 3350 Mass Media History: 3 semester hours

Prerequisites: COMM 1050 or MEDIA ST 1110. This course examines the social, economic, and political factors contributing to the development of American mass media. It emphasizes significant personalities who helped shape media history and involves analyses of select critical works.

MEDIA ST 3355 Media Law and Regulation: 3 semester hours

Prerequisites: COMM 1050 or MEDIA ST 1110. This course addresses laws affecting the mass media. The topics covered include problems and issues in legal regulation of media content, ownership, access, and accountability as well as industry self-regulation and the influence of citizens' organizations.

MEDIA ST 3356 Global Media Systems and Trends: 3 semester hours

This course will survey major theories, global trends, and key stakeholders in the field of mass and digital media. It addresses issues regarding the transnational and transcultural flow of media content and communication technologies. Topics include the historical context and cultural implications of globalization, patterns of international media flow, and the roles of transnational media and communication organizations.

MEDIA ST 3357 Media Convergence: 3 semester hours

This course will provide students with an overview of how computer technologies, telecommunication networks, and digital media are transforming contemporary culture and everyday life. Through hands-on projects on topics of social relevance, students will explore multiple platforms for reaching a variety of audiences. The course will also deal with policy issues such as regulation and competition.

MEDIA ST 3398 Internship in Media Studies: 3-6 semester hours

Prerequisites: Senior standing; consent of instructor; open to Media Studies majors only; not open to students who have any delayed grades. Practical work at an off-campus agency, supervised by a professional in consultation with a faculty member. This course may be repeated for up to 20 credit hours.

MEDIA ST 3400 Developing Brand Strategy: 3 semester hours

Prerequisites: MEDIA ST 1100 and MEDIA ST 2080, or consent of instructor. This course focuses on the account planning skills used to develop an effective and strategic advertising campaign. Working with a real brand, students develop advertising goals, investigate the brand's target audience, and formulate a media plan. This course complements MEDIA ST 3500, which develops a creative message strategy and presentation for the campaign and typically culminates in presenting the complete plan at a national student advertising competition.

MEDIA ST 3500 Advanced Advertising Seminar: 3 semester hours

Prerequisites: MEDIA ST 3400 or consent of instructor. This course focuses on the message design skills used to develop an effective and strategic advertising campaign. Working with a real brand, students develop advertising messages for different media and plan how they will be distributed. This course complements MEDIA ST 3400, which involves formulating the strategic goals and carrying out the market research for a campaign. The course typically culminates in presenting the complete campaign plan at a national student advertising competition.

MEDIA ST 3505 Field Experience in Advertising: 3 semester hours

Prerequisites: Junior standing and completion of 3 courses from the Certificate in Advertising or consent of instructor. Through supervised travel, students will examine current ad campaigns, media placement, and effects on consumer purchasing behaviors. They will develop a broad hands-on understanding of the industry while applying principles and practices learned in the classroom. Topics include creativity with visual images and/or photographs, copywriting, accounting planning, account services, and media planning and buying. For field experience, students will visit advertising agencies, businesses that have in-house advertising departments, vendors (such as printers), museums, and other creative venues in St. Louis and/or other cities.

MEDIA ST 3990 Directed Readings in Media Studies: 3 semester hours

Prerequisites: Consent of instructor; not open to students who have any delayed grades. Supervised independent study involving readings, conferences, papers, in one of the department's disciplines: advertising, radio, television, film, or journalism.

MEDIA ST 4040 Special Topics in Media Studies: 1-6 semester hours

Prerequisites: Junior, senior, or graduate standing and consent of instructor. Special topics with subject matter dealing with current issues, (theoretical or applied), in the discipline of media studies. Since the topics of MEDIA ST 4040 may change from semester to semester, the course may be repeated for up to 12 credit hours.

MEDIA ST 4400 Senior Project: 3-6 semester hours

Prerequisites: Senior status and consent of instructor. The capstone experience requires seniors to produce an original research project, a representative portfolio, or an intrinsic case study, which exemplifies their undergraduate study. Students will present their work to the instructor supervising the course, as well as program related-faculty. Repeatable up to 6 credit hours.