Atmospheric Science


ATM SCI 1001 Elementary Meteorology: 3 semester hours

Prerequisites: MATH 1020 or equivalent. This course covers atmospheric phenomena, weather, and climate. Topics include temperature, pressure, and moisture distributions in the atmosphere and dynamical effects such as radiation, stability, storms, and general circulation.

ATM SCI 1001L Elementary Meteorology Laboratory: 1 semester hour

Prerequisite: Must be concurrently enrolled in ATM SCI 1001. An introductory meteorology laboratory to accompany ATM SCI 1001. The lab exercises consist of current weather studies to enhance the material in ATM SCI 1001.

ATM SCI 1002 Earth Climate Studies: 3 semester hours

Prerequisite: MATH 1020 or equivalent. This course covers the physical foundations of the Earth's climate system, scientific evidence for climate change and its causes, and the effects of climate change on the ecosystem of the Earth. This course satisfies the information literacy general education requirement.