GEOL 1001 General Geology: 3 semester hours

This course looks at earth materials and processes, including geological aspects of the resource/energy problem.

GEOL 1001L General Geology Lab: 1 semester hour

This geology laboratory involves identification of common rocks and minerals.

GEOL 1002 Historical Geology: 3 semester hours

This course is a study of changes in geography, climate, and life through geological time. This study includes the origin of the continents, ocean basins, and mountains in the light of continental drift.

GEOL 1002L Historical Geology Lab: 1 semester hour

Prerequisites: GEOL 1002 (may be taken concurrently). This course is a Geology laboratory, which primarily involves the description and identification of fossils.

GEOL 1053 Oceanography (MOTR PHYS 110): 3 semester hours

The atmospheric and ocean circulations; the chemistry and geology of the deep sea; and their effects on the distribution of marine organisms.