GEOG 1001 Introduction to Geography (MOTR GEOG 101): 3 semester hours

An introduction to geography as a social science. The identification and explanation of order in the human landscape. A survey of the social, political, economic, and psychological factors which influence geographic patterns.

GEOG 1002 World Regions (MOTR GEOG 101): 3 semester hours

Survey of the major regions of the world. Designed to give the student an awareness of the character of each of these major regions through the interrelationships of the various attributes of place. Each semester the geographic perspective will be applied in greater depth to one significant country such as Afghanistan, Iraq, or North Korea.

GEOG 2001 Cultural Geography: 3 semester hours

This course examines the effect of geography on culture and cultural groups. Essential to the geographic perspective is identifying the effect on cultures of the current trend toward increasing globalization. Topics include language, religion, attitudes, and the effect of technology. The major goals are to increase awareness of the diversity of human cultures and to prepare students for a world of increasing intercultural communication and conflict. This course fulfills the Cultural Diversity requirement.

GEOG 4900 Advanced Readings in Geography: 3 semester hours

Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. This course will provide a more in-depth analysis of the various factors which influence geographic patterns employing methods appropriate to graduate level instruction. The topic selected will vary from semester to semester. This course may be taken for credit more than once as long as the topic discussed in each semester is different.