ENGR 1010 Introduction to Engineering: 1 semester hour

This course, required of all new Freshman with an interest in Engineering, is designed to assist students in their transition to the university experience and to UMSL by giving students the knowledge and tools needed to succeed as scholars. Students will learn about faculty expectations, support services, and student life, as well as engineering.

ENGR 2310 Statics: 3 semester hours

Prerequisites: MATH 1900 and PHYSICS 2111. Statics of particles and rigid bodies. Equivalent systems of forces. Distributed forces; centroids. Applications to trusses, frames, machines, beams, and cables. Friction. Moments of inertia. Principle of virtual work and applications.

ENGR 2320 Dynamics: 3 semester hours

Prerequisites: MATH 2000 and ENGR 2310. Review of vector algebra and calculus. Kinematics of a particle. Newton's laws and the kinetics of a particle. Work and energy. Impulse and momentum. Kinematics of rigid bodies. General theorems for systems of particles. Kinetics of rigid bodies. The inertia tensor.