Geographic Information Systems


GIS 3390 Special Topics in Geographic Information Systems (GIS): 1-3 semester hours

Prerequisites: Consent of the instructor. This course is an examination of specific geographic information system (GIS) topics of current relevance. This course may be repeated once if the topic is different.

GIS 4303 Advanced Geographic Information Systems and Sciences: 3 semester hours

Same as SOC 4501. Prerequisites: SOC 2501 or SOC 3501. This advanced course further explores Geographic Information Systems and Science (GIS). Students will learn advanced techniques to acquire geospatial information from a variety of sources; manage, interpret, employ and present geospatial data for a given purpose; and how to use geographic information system software for storage, manipulation, and analysis of geospatial data.

GIS 4990 Undergraduate Internship in Geographic Information System: 1-3 semester hours

Prerequisites: GIS 4303 or SOC 4501, or consent of instructor. This course is a Geographic Information System (GIS) internship that provides a student field experience in an organization related to the profession. To be enrolled, students must be employed in an internship or co-op program and find an instructor to supervise the experience. Internship activities may vary by site but will often require end-of-semester reporting. This course may be repeated once if the internship experience is different.