Sport Management


SPMGT 1113 Introduction to Sport Management and Administration: 3 semester hours

This course emphasizes basic management principles as they relate to sports teams, facilities, businesses and enterprises. Students will explore techniques and approaches to allow them develop effective and comprehensive sports management plans. The course addresses issues in sports that relate to ethical requirements, gambling, performance enhancement substances and other ethical issues. It allows learners to study the complexities involved in the administration and leadership of sports programs including theories of management and administration, which will provide the students with effective leadership and supervision skills necessary in various sports programs and entities. This course will also address issues of sports governance, policy and leadership.

SPMGT 2200 Legal Issues in Sports: 3 semester hours

Prerequisites: SPMGT 1113 or equivalent. This course covers youth, amateur and professional sports law issues and Title IX. In addition, it explores legal issues in other related areas in various sports such as workplace safety, ADA compliance and other legal issues connected to the sport industry environment. It emphasizes understanding legal issues in the current sport industry and how to effectively analyze real world legal issues.

SPMGT 3100 Ethics in Sports: 3 semester hours

Prerequisites: SPMGT 1113 or equivalent. This course focuses on the exploration of contemporary values, issues, and controversies associated with sport and sport management. It discusses current issues, ethical dilemmas in the sport environment, organizational responsibility, and professional ethics. During this course, students become involved with discussions on sportsmanship, fan behavior, performance-enhancing drugs, cheating and deception, the role of violence in sports, gender equity in sport, deviant behavior in athletics, and issues related to youth sports participation.

SPMGT 3285 Sports Medicine: 3 semester hours

This course studies prevention and care of athletic/sport participation injuries. Emphasis is given to proper conditioning and training of the sport participant, safety education, care of injuries, preventative taping, and emergency responses, including CPR instruction/certification.

SPMGT 3380 Sports Nutrition: 3 semester hours

Prerequisites: Junior standing or consent of instructor. This course studies human nutrition and its relationship to healthy lifestyles and exercise performance. It includes the study of nutrients, food sources, healthy weight and body composition, energy intake and expenditure, fluid and electrolyte balance, and ergogenic aids.

SPMGT 3731 Sports Media and Technology: 3 semester hours

This course examines and analyzes the current and emerging trends of media and technology in sports businesses. Students will identify ways in which various sports organizations are using social media to increase the size of their fan base and enhance their experience.

SPMGT 4113 Educational and Community Athletics: 3 semester hours

This course introduces students to the structure, membership, leadership and governance of educational and community athletic programs. Emphasis will be placed on the college athletics in NJCAA, NAIA and NCAA. In addition, the course explores high school, community and other recreational athletic activities.

SPMGT 4213 Athletic Compliance: 3 semester hours

Prerequisites: SPMGT 4113 or equivalent. This course covers compliance requirements for athletic and sports programs in collegiate and professional sports organizations.

SPMGT 4990 Sport Management Field Experience: 1-9 semester hours

Prerequisites: Junior standing, admission to the Sport Management Program, or consent of instructor. This course involves supervised field experience in an approved sports-related setting that provides opportunities for planning, research, evaluation, and other professional activities. This course may be repeated for up to 9 total hours of credit (42 hours in the field per 1 hour of credit).

SPMGT 4999 Sport Management Internship: 1-6 semester hours

Prerequisites: Senior standing and consent of instructor. The Sport Management Internship provides a capstone experience in Sport Management via placement with sports clubs, sports facilities, or business organizations associated with sports. Students will develop professional skills as they apply knowledge gained throughout the program. May be repeated for credit up to a total of 6 credits (degree requires 300 contact hours with 50 hours per credit).