International Business


INTL BUS 3280 The Law of International Business Transactions: 3 semester hours

Same as FINANCE 3583. Prerequisites: BUS AD 2900 or consent of instructor. This course studies the role and function of International Law and national laws in the regulation of international business transactions. The impact of various legal regimes on import/export transactions, foreign investments, and the operations of multinational enterprises will be included. The role of national governments, supra-national governmental organizations, and non-governmental organizations in forming and administering the international legal environment will be studied.

INTL BUS 3281 Business in China: 3 semester hours

Same as FINANCE 3585. Prerequisites: A minimum campus GPA of 2.0 and junior standing. This course introduces students to the practices of doing business in China. Students will be introduced to the Chinese economic and business environment. Issues related to trade and foreign direct investment in China will be discussed. The course adopts an innovative approach, utilizing lectures, case analysis, projects, and student presentations.

INTL BUS 3282 Managing the Global Workforce: 3 semester hours

Prerequisite: MGMT 3600 and at least one of the following: MGMT 3611, MGMT 3621 or enrollment in the Honors College, a minimum 2.0 campus GPA or consent of instructor. A study of the international dimensions of organizational behavior and human resource management. The course provides an overview of the tools and skills that are necessary to understand and manage people in global organizations. Topics include motivation, leadership, communication, hiring, training, and compensation.

INTL BUS 3283 International Business and Society: 3 semester hours

Encompasses the readings, lectures, company and government agency visits, and cultural visits that comprise annual Country Study Tours, (e.g., Austria, Japan, Thailand, etc.). The program includes 45 contact hours or more of classroom lectures covering aspects of the chosen country's business and society, in-depth pre-departure cross-cultural orientation and training supplemented by briefings on the country's economy and on U.S. market penetration by the Commercial Service, U.S. Embassy; a briefing by the in-country State of Missouri representative; briefings by host country agencies; company visits and factory tours; and tours of cultural sites. Student evaluation will be based on active participation and on a research paper based on readings, lectures, interviews and field observations.

INTL BUS 3285 Role of the Global Corporation: 3 semester hours

Prerequisites: A minimum 2.0 campus GPA and MGMT 3600 or permission of instructor. The purpose of this course is to create awareness of controversial issues about international business. Students will gain a better understanding of resistance to and criticism of international business and will become better prepared for dealing with these issues and problems.

INTL BUS 3286 International Business Ethics: 3 semester hours

Same as PHIL 3286. This course will deal with moral issues that are raised by the increasing globalization of business. Apart from the general issue of whether this globalization is itself a good thing, we will discuss such issues as child labor, working conditions, safety standards, environmental policies, bribery and other "corrupt" practices, respect for intellectual property, etc. Frequent short papers will be assigned.

INTL BUS 3289 Practicum in International Business: 3 semester hours

Prerequisites: At least one INTL BUS course, 2.0 campus GPA and completion of an approval form. Students will apply both their language skills and knowledge of international business by working for a three month period in an organization located outside the student's country of origin. This course requires students to prepare a research report summarizing the global experience and how it relates to the international business program.

INTL BUS 3290 Internship in International Business: 3-6 semester hours

Prerequisites: ECON 1001 and ECON 1002, ACCTNG 2400 and ACCTNG 2410, an additional 12 hours in Business Administration, a minimum overall gpa of 2.0 and concurrent enrollment in a UM overseas program. The internship will be a supervised field experience in a business/ international organization at a foreign site. Students will work for 10 weeks on projects directed by host-organization supervisors in consultation with a UM-St. Louis faculty member. Prior to the field experience students will receive training that includes familiarization with the language and practices of the country's business, the background of the host firm, and international information sources. The student will complete a written report of his/her project. Course may not be repeated for more than 6 hours credit.

INTL BUS 3299 Independent Study in International Business: 1-3 semester hours

Prerequisites: Minimum campus GPA of 2.0 and approval by the supervising professor and the Area Coordinator of the specific discipline. Special individual study in international business under the supervision of an approved faculty member.

INTL BUS 3580 International Corporate Finance: 3 semester hours

Same as FINANCE 3580. Prerequisites: FINANCE 3500 and a 2.0 campus GPA. This course explores corporate finance in the context of a global environment. Financial managers for an international firm must deal with all the normal problems faced by domestic corporations plus additional foreign exchange and politcal risks. Class discussions will focus on applying financial techniques to decision making in foreign operations. Students are required to work in a group to undertake a project related to international finance.

INTL BUS 3582 International Investments: 3 semester hours

Same as FINANCE 3582. Prerequisites: FINANCE 3500, and a 2.0 overall GPA. This course explores the concepts of investing and hedging risk management, portfolio diversification, currency risk, asset pricing, and alternative portfolio strategies. Techniques for using derivatives are discussed in the context of hedging exchange rate risk. Reading foreign exchange quotes and understanding the functioning of global markets is central to the course. A prior course in investments is recommended but not required.

INTL BUS 3680 International Management: 3 semester hours

Same as MGMT 3680. Prerequisites: ECON 1002 and MGMT 3600, a minimum 2.0 campus GPA or consent of the instructor. A study of international business and management practices. Topics covered include an introduction to international management and the multinational enterprise, the cultural environment of international management, planning in an international setting, organizing for international operations, directing international operations, international staffing, preparing employees for international assignments, and the control process in an international context.

INTL BUS 3780 International Marketing: 3 semester hours

Same as MKTG 3780. Prerequisites: MKTG 3700 and a 2.0 overall GPA. Marketing management problems, techniques and strategies needed to apply the marketing concept to the world marketplace. Understanding a country's cultural and environmental impact on the marketing plan is emphasized, as well as competing in markets of various cultures. Worldwide consumerism, economic and social development, the spread of multinational corporations, business ethics, and current economic and marketing issues are examined.

INTL BUS 3882 Data Networks and Security: 3 semester hours

Same as INFSYS 3842. Prerequisites: INFSYS 2800 and a minimum campus GPA of 2.0; or consent of instructor. This is a foundational course in data networking and network security. It covers the fundamentals of networking and security implications of data networks with hands-on exercises. Topics include networking layers and standardization of functionality across layers, wired and wireless Local Area Networks (LANs) along with switching and physical layer technologies, Internetworking, supporting and supervisory protocols; application layer protocols such as HTTP, and fundamentals of network security. Students will also learn about network protocol analyzers such as Wireshark, virtualization, and networking in virtual environments. Credit cannot be granted for both INFSYS 3842 and INFSYS 6836.

INTL BUS 4280 International Business Experience: 0 semester hours

Students with an International Business emphasis must complete one of the following international experience requirements: (a) study abroad for three or more credit hours, (b) complete a minumum of one year international experience (e.g., Peace Corps, volunteer work, missionary work, an international posting by an organization) within 5 years of entering the program, or (c) complete an international internship approved by the International Business Institute. May be taken on a satisfactory/unsatisfactory basis only.

INTL BUS 4281 Entrepreneurship in the Global Environment: 3 semester hours

Prerequisites: ECON 1002; ACCTNG 2410; MKTG 3700. This course explores changes in the planet's physical environment and ways of reversing, retarding or coping with those changes. Students will be required to develop proposals for new business ventures that have as a goal preservation or restoration of the natural environment.

INTL BUS 4289 International Strategic Management: 3 semester hours

Prerequisites: INTL BUS 3282, MKTG 3780 and FINANCE 3580, a minimum 2.0 campus GPA or consent of instructor. A study of the international dimensions of strategic management. Provides an introduction to the key concepts and tools necessary for international competitive analysis. Topics include the international dimensions of strategy formulation and implementation, diversification, strategic alliances, and divestment.

INTL BUS 4381 Global Supply Chain Management: 3 semester hours

Same as SCMA 4381. Prerequisites: SCMA 3301 and a minimum campus GPA of 2.0. This course covers business logistics and supply chain strategies involving shipments across national boundaries. Topics may include the effects of international agreements and regional trading blocks on supply chain strategies, the design of global logistics networks, managerial processes and systems for international production and distribution, and risk management for international logistics.

INTL BUS 5289 International Business Strategies: 3 semester hours

Prerequisites: BUS AD 5000 and ACCTNG 5400. This course focuses on those managerial issues which follow from the definition and implementation of corporate strategy for worldwide operations, as distinguished from purely domestic firms or those only marginally involved in international activities. It aims to develop an appreciation for the unique competitive, sociocultural and political environments in which international business takes place and the skills required to deal with these changes.

INTL BUS 5290 Internship in International Business: 3 semester hours

Prerequisites: Consent of IMBA Director. Students will apply both their language skills and knowledge of international business by working in an organization located outside the student's country of origin. This course requires students to submit regular evaluations and prepare a research report summarizing their global experience and how it relates to the international business program.

INTL BUS 5381 Global Supply Chain Management: 3 semester hours

Same as SCMA 5381. Prerequisites: SCMA 5310 (may be taken concurrently). This course covers global supply chain management strategy, planning and operations. Topics include issues in global trade, global network design and facility location strategies, international logistics, import-export operations, and global supply chain risk management.

INTL BUS 5780 Seminar in International Marketing: 3 semester hours

Same as MKTG 5780. Prerequisite: MKTG 5700. An advanced seminar on topics in international or global marketing. Possible topics include the globalization of trade, export marketing, international market opportunity analysis, and negotiation for international marketers. Students who take one version of this course (e.g., globalization of trade) can take a second version of the course (e.g., negotiation for international marketers) with prior permission.

INTL BUS 6580 International Financial Management: 3 semester hours

Same as FINANCE 6580. Prerequisite: FINANCE 6500. The objective of this course is to introduce students to financial issues for multinational firms. Besides covering basic tools and techniques, the class stresses the role of the financial manager in analysis and decision-making. Topics include the impact of international accounting and tax issues, capital budgeting in a foreign environment, transfer pricing, and global funding. Conceptual skills for lifelong learning experiences are emphasized. This course employs a lecture and case format with group discussions.

INTL BUS 6581 Seminar in International Investments: 3 semester hours

Same as FINANCE 6581. Prerequisite: FINANCE 6500. This course covers topics related to the determination of exchange rates, international parity relations and portfolio diversification. In addition, methods for using foreign exchange derivatives are explored in their use for hedging exchange rate risk. Learning to read foreign exchange quotes and understanding the functioning of global markets is an integral part of the course material. Each student is assigned a foreign country to study throughout the semester with the comprehensive project report. A prior investments course is recommended but not required.