Business Administration MBA, International Program

Admission Requirements

The admissions decision is based on a combination of factors. Consideration is given to a candidate’s academic record, scores on the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT), work and leadership experience, a personal narrative on the application form, and recommendations.

As in most AACSB-accredited graduate business programs, the UMSL College of Business generally requires Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) scores. Information on the GMAT exam can be obtained at The examination tests one’s ability to read, understand, and to reason logically with both verbal and quantitative material. The test is not a measure of achievement or business knowledge. Under certain conditions, the applicant may petition for waiver of the GMAT requirement, based on possession of an advanced degree and/or the ability to supply acceptable scores from an equivalent test.

Degree Requirements

Depending on the student’s previous background, programs will range from 30 to 45 hours. Coursework must be completed within a six-year period. At least 2/3 of coursework must be taken while enrolled as an MBA candidate at UMSL.

Candidates must take at least one course from either the core or elective sections in each of the following six areas: accounting, finance, management, marketing, information systems, and logistics and operations management. Also, no more than 15 credits may be taken in any one of the six areas.


All students must demonstrate knowledge of quantitative skills, microeconomics and macroeconomics, managerial communication, and business statistics.

If students have completed equivalent undergraduate courses, prerequisites may be waived. If not, the following options are available:

To satisfy the quantitative skills, students can take the Quantitative skills boot camp (for dates please check with the Graduate Business Office).

To satisfy the economics requirement, students can take either BUS AD 5000 Economics for Managers or the Economics skills boot camp (for dates please check with the Graduate Business Office).

To satisfy the communication requirement students can take BUS AD 5100 Managerial Communication.

To satisfy the statistics requirement, students can take either SCMA 5300 Statistical Analysis for Management Decisions or the Statistical skills boot camp (for dates please check with the Graduate Business Office).

Business Core (0-21 credits)

The following courses or their equivalents are required of all degree candidates.

ACCTNG 5400Financial and Managerial Accounting3
BUS AD 5900Law, Ethics and Business3
FINANCE 6500Financial Management3
SCMA 5320Production and Operations Management3
INFSYS 5800Management Information Systems3
MGMT 5600Managing People in Organizations3
MKTG 5700Contemporary Marketing Concepts3

Advanced Topics (0-18 credits)

MBA candidates must take at least one course in each functional area: Accounting, Finance, Information Systems, Logistics and Operation Management, Management, Marketing. If ACCTNG 5400 is waived, the student must complete ACCTNG 5401. Students can take no more than a total of 15 credits in any functional area. 

ACCTNG 5401Financial Reporting and Analysis (Only if ACCTNG 5400 is waived)3
FINANCE Elective(Only if FINANCE 6500 is waived)3
INFSYS Elective(Only if INFSYS 5800 is waived)3
SCMA Elective(Only if SCMA 5320 is waived)3
MGMT Elective(Only if MGMT 5600 is waived)3
MKTG Elective(Only if MKTG 5700 waived)3

Global Management Required (3 credits)

Take one of the following:

BUS AD 6990Strategy Formulation and Implementation 13
INTL BUS 5289International Business Strategies3
MGMT 4614Entrepreneurship/Small Business Management3

Previous Education

Based on a formal review and evaluation by the Graduate Business Programs Office, students may be granted waivers in the Business Core section. Waivers depend on the applicability of, and performance in, prior coursework. Regardless of the number of courses waived, all students must complete at least 30 credit hours to earn the MBA degree.

International MBA Program

An international version of the MBA program also exists as an alternative to the Flex MBA program. This program is a two-year, full-time program. Students take courses the first year outside the U.S. at a partner university and then take courses the second year on the University of Missouri–St. Louis campus.

Degree Requirements

All participants in the International MBA program must meet the same general and core requirements as those in the Flex MBA program. In addition, the International MBA program may entail an internship (outside the U.S. for Americans and in the U.S. for all others). The program also requires proficiency in the language spoken at the destination university. Coursework at the partner-schools is typically in English.