East Asian Studies Undergraduate Certificate

East Asian Studies Certificate

First- and second-year Chinese, Japanese, or other appropriate Asian language 20
HIST 1041East Asian Civilization3
HIST 1042East Asian Civilization3
Select one course in three of the following areas:9
Area 1: Anthropology
Cultures of East Asia
Special Topics in Non-Western Culture
Area 2: Art and Art History
ART HS 1108
Topics in the Arts of Asia
Area 3: Business Administration
Business in China
The Japanese Management System
Area 4: Languages and Cultural Studies-Chinese
Chinese Calligraphy and Writing in East Asia
Special Topics: Language Immersion: Chinese
Chinese Literature in Translation
Special Readings
Special Topics: Language Immersion: Chinese
Area 5: Languages and Cultural Studies-Japanese
Japanese III
Practicum in East Asian Calligraphy
Special Topics: Language Immersion: Japanese
Classical Japanese Literature In Translation
Special Readings
Special Topics: Language Immersion: Japanese
Intermediate Japanese III
Intermediate Japanese IV
Special Readings
Special Readings
Area 6: History
Modern Japan: From the Meiji Restoration to the Present
Modern China: From the Decline of the Qing Empire to the Global Age
Modern History of the Asian Pacific Rim
Area 7: Music
Non-Western Music I
Area 8: Philosophy
Asian Philosophy
Area 9: Political Science
POL SCI 2550
Area 10: Social Work
Asians in Migration
Independent Study Course
Students seeking the certificate must complete an independent study course in which a research paper will be written focusing upon some aspect of East Asian Studies. The topic should be approved in advance by International Studies and Programs. 3
Total Hours38