Veterans Studies Minor

The Minor in Veterans Studies is a multi-disciplinary program whose course work enhances students’ majors to prepare them to work for or with veterans. It is also designed to encourage and enable veteran students to reflect more deeply on their service experiences. This minor includes a foundation course, a series of elective courses, and a capstone.  Electives may be chosen from four areas, or from any MVS course above the 2000 level.

Cultural: exploring perspectives and experiences of veterans through various media

Relational: understanding how veterans relate among various aspects of our society

Institutional: understanding the context and structure of military service and veteran institutions now and in the past

Clinical: establishing effective skills to better serve for, with, and in veteran populations

Alternative elective courses could be included with the consent of the department chair. While it is encouraged, students are not required to limit their electives to a single area.

MVS 2100Veterans in American Society3
Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (MOTR ANTH 201)
World Cultures
Sex and Gender Across Cultures
Cultures of the Near and Middle East
Modern American Fiction
Present Moral Problems
Islamic Philosophy
Social and Political Philosophy
HIST 2018
HIST 2023
HIST 2024
World Politics (MOTR POSC 201)
Studies in War and Peace
International Law
Crime and Justice in a Globalized World
Communities and Crime
Intercultural Communication
Communication and Conflict
Communication Barriers I
PSYCH 2280
PSYCH 2232
Cross-Cultural Psychology
Introduction to Psychopharmacology: Drugs and Mental Illness
Introduction to Gender Studies
Social Work and Social Issues
Social Welfare as a Social Institution
Communication in the Nursing Profession
Introduction to Gerontological Practice
Veterans Studies courses at 2000 level or higher
MVS 4100Veterans Studies Capstone Seminar3
Total Hours15