Gerontology Minor

Students have many courses to choose from to create a personalized plan of study. All students must take a 3-credit introductory course – Aging in America: Concepts & Controversies (GERON 2170). At least 6 of the remaining 12 credits must be from courses at the 4000 level (see below).  Students wishing to designate a course for capstone for the BLS must coordinate this with Program Director for Gerontology prior to starting the course.

Required Course
GERON 2170Aging in America: Concepts & Controversies3
Choose Four Courses (with at least 6 credits at 4000 level):12
PSYCH 1268
Special Topics in Gerontology
Medicine, Values, and Society
Social & Community Services for an Aging Population
Psychology of Death and Dying
Medical Anthropology
Aging, Culture & Globalization
Families in Global Perspective
Interviewing Older Adults and Life Review
Gerontological Practice with Aging Veterans
Gender, Sexuality & Aging
Human Learning and Memory
Social Gerontology
Mental Health and Aging
Aging, Chronic Illness & Disability
Directed Readings
Physiology & Pharmacology of Aging
Dying, Grief & Death in Older Adulthood
Successful Aging: Individual & Societal Perspectives
Ageless Arts: Creativity in Later Life
Introduction to Gerontological Practice
Total Hours15