Modern European Studies Undergraduate Certificate

Four semesters of college work or the equivalent in a modern European foreign language. 20
HIST 1032Topics in European Civilization: 1715 to the Present (MOTR WCIV 102)3
Select one course each from at least four of the following areas: 112
Anthropological Perspectives on Western Culture
Art and Art History
Nineteenth Century European Art
ART HS 2255
ART HS 4445
Topics in Modern Art
Business Administration
Marketing in the European Union
ENGL 2280
ENGL 2320
The Eighteenth-Century English Novel
The Nineteenth-Century English Novel
Literature of the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries
Modern British Fiction
Major Works Of European Fiction
HIST 2090
HIST 2091
War and Upheaval in Europe, 1900-1950
Europe in Peace and Prosperity, 1950-Present
Languages and Cultural Studies
Contemporary French Culture
Studies in Nineteenth-Century French Literature and Culture
Intermediate Readings in German
German Culture and Civilization
Topics in German Culture
Special Topics in German Culture
Survey of German Literature Part II
Special Topics in Hispanic Culture
Spanish Literature From 1939 To The Present
Poetry And Drama Of The Golden Age
Music of the Classic Period
Music of the Romantic Period
Western Philosophy II: Descartes to the Present
Early Modern Philosophy
19th and 20th Century Philosophy
PHIL 3305
phil 3369
Political Science
The Politics of European Union
Studies in Comparative Politics *
Studies in International Relations *
POL SCI 4510
Independent Study Course
Students seeking the certificate must complete an independent study course in which a research paper will be written focusing upon aspect of Modern European Studies. The topics should be approved in advance by International Studies and Programs.3
Total Hours38