Trauma Studies Undergraduate Certificate

Trauma Studies Certificate

The trauma studies certificate is designed for students who are interested in a focused specialty in trauma studies or victim services in addition to their own major. It is appropriate for students in the College of Arts and Sciences or any of the schools of the university. It is particularly appropriate for students wishing to pursue careers in psychology, social work, sociology, criminology, law, public health, or nursing.


A student may earn a trauma studies certificate by completing 18 hours with a GPA of 2.0 or better from at least three departments from the following courses:

Select at least three of the following:12
Criminology and Criminal Justice
Criminal Law
Communities and Crime
PSYCH 2232
Directed Studies (for three credits only toward certificate) 1
Social Work
Introduction to Strategies for Social Work Practice
Abused and Neglected Children
SOC WK 4602
Sociology of Victimization
Select up to two of the following:6
Criminology and Criminal Justice
Crime Prevention
Race, Crime, and Justice
Political Science
Public Administration
Introduction to Public Policy
Psychology of Gender
Abnormal Psychology
Social Work
Gender Issues in Social Work
Introduction to Gender Studies
Social Psychology
SOC 3268
Race, Crime, and Justice
Total Hours18

Special Topics courses relevant to trauma studies may be included in the certificate when approved in advance by the coordinator of the trauma studies certificate.