Information Systems and Technology MS

Degree Requirements

The program may require as few as 30 hours for students with undergraduate business degrees from AACSB-accredited institutions. Because of the need to attain general business core competencies as a foundation of the MS in IS requirements, students with no academic business background will be required to take additional hours as outlined below.

General Requirements

All students must meet course requirements in quantitative reasoning, general business and IS. Students must complete a minimum of 30 credit hours beyond the general business core. Of the 30 hours beyond the general business core, at least 24 hours must cover topics beyond INFSYS 5800 and INFSYS 6805. Students with a B.S.B.A. with an emphasis in IS or a B.S. in IS from an AACSB-accredited institution may, at the student’s discretion, substitute two electives for INFSYS 5800 and INFSYS 6805. Waivers may be granted for other courses with appropriate undergraduate course work.

Quantitative Reasoning Requirement

Students are required to have completed by the end of their first semester in the program the equivalent of SCMA 5300 Statistical Analysis for Management Decisions with a grade of C or better. This course does not count towards the graduate degree, but a waiver may be granted with appropriate undergraduate course work.

General Business Core

Students must have a B.S. in IS, or a B.S.B.A. with an emphasis in MIS that requires a managerial communication course, and coursework equivalent to at least five of the following courses:

BUS AD 5900Law, Ethics and Business3
ACCTNG 5400Financial and Managerial Accounting3
FINANCE 6500Financial Management3
MGMT 5600Managing People in Organizations3
MKTG 5700Contemporary Marketing Concepts3
SCMA 5320Production and Operations Management3
BUS AD 6990Strategy Formulation and Implementation3

Students who have not met this prerequisite must complete BUS AD 5100 Managerial Communication and course work from at least five of the courses listed above.

Program Requirements

A. Basic IS courses
INFSYS 5800Management Information Systems3
INFSYS 6805Applications of Programming for Business Solutions3
INFSYS 6840Information Systems Analysis3
INFSYS 6845Database Management Systems3
INFSYS 6850Information Systems Design3
Select five of the following:15
Graduate Internship in Information Systems 1
Individual Research in Information Systems
Managerial Applications of Object-Oriented Technologies
Contemporary z/OS COBOL
Advanced Object-Oriented Programming for Business
Advanced COBOL and Modern z/OS System Tools
Management of Software Testing
Principles of Information Security
Decision Support Systems for Business Intelligence
Management of Data Networks and Security
Business Processes: Design, Management and Integration
Global Sourcing and Automation of Business Services
Project Management
Knowledge Management and Business Intelligence
Data Warehouse Design and Implementation
Advanced Cybersecurity Concepts
Data Integration
Software Assurance
Management of Information Security
Management of Transnational Information Systems
Seminar in Information Systems
A maximum of 2 courses outside IS. Courses outside the College of Business must be approved by the IS department chairperson.
Total Hours30