Neuroscience Undergraduate Certificate

Certificate in Neuroscience

The undergraduate Certificate Program in Neuroscience is an interdisciplinary program requiring 20 credits of training in Neuroscience. The Program provides a group of related courses capped by a research experience. The Program is likely to be of particular interest to students who want to pursue graduate or professional training, but it is intended to appeal to any student interested in Neuroscience.

Courses taken for the certificate in the lower division (1000 and 2000 level) may satisfy general education requirements (that is, breadth requirements), if they are approved general education courses. Courses in the upper division (3000 level and above) may satisfy requirements for the student’s major, consistently with the major’s requirements. All required courses must be completed with a “B-“average or higher. Pass/Fail grades to not count.

Most courses required by the Certificate Program in Neuroscience have prerequisites. Some students may satisfy prerequisites by virtue of their prior curriculum. When this is not the case, students are responsible for satisfying the prerequisites.


The two entry level courses:
BIOL 1831Introductory Biology: From Molecules to Organisms (MOTR BIOL 150L) 15
or BIOL 1012 General Biology (MOTR BIOL 100)
or BIOL 1102 Human Biology (MOTR LIFS 150)
PSYCH 2211Introduction to Biological Psychology3
Select one of the following statistics courses:3
Introduction to Probability and Statistics
Psychological Statistics
Social Statistics
Select two of the following: 26
Animal Behavior
Introduction to Neuroscience
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
Introduction to Machine Learning
Minds, Brains, and Machines
Philosophy of Mind
Topics in Philosophy of Mind
Philosophy of Cognitive Science
Introduction to Biophysics
Introduction to Psychopharmacology: Drugs and Mental Illness
Behavioral Neuroscience
Hormones, The Brain and Behavior
Human Learning and Memory
Cognitive Processes
Introduction to Social Neuroscience
Select at least 3 credits from one or more semesters of research experience 33
Chemical Research
Individual Studies
Special Readings in Philosophy
Directed Studies
Total Hours20