Accounting MAcc

Prerequisite Courses

The Master of Accounting program is designed to accommodate students who have earned an undergraduate degree with an accounting major. Students who have not completed an undergraduate accounting degree must complete the following courses prior to entry into the MAcc program:

ACCTNG 2400Fundamentals of Financial Accounting3
ACCTNG 2410Managerial Accounting3
ACCTNG 3401Financial Accounting and Reporting I3
ACCTNG 3402Financial Accounting and Reporting II3
ACCTNG 3411Cost Accounting3
ACCTNG 3421Accounting Information Systems3
ACCTNG 3441Income Taxes3

These requirements may be waived with appropriate prior coursework. Candidates who have not completed the preparatory courses may apply and be provisionally accepted into the MAcc program, but must complete the courses before registration as a Master of Accounting student can be finalized.

Students must complete a minimum of 30 credit hours while enrolled as a graduate student.

MAcc Degree Requirements

Quantitative Methods
All students must complete the following course:
SCMA 5300Statistical Analysis for Management Decisions3
Finance Requirement
FINANCE 6500Financial Management3
Business Breadth12
Select four of the following courses:
Managerial Communication
Law, Ethics and Business
Strategy Formulation and Implementation
Management Information Systems
Production and Operations Management
Managing People in Organizations
Contemporary Marketing Concepts
Accounting Course Requirements
Students must complete the following three courses:
ACCTNG 4401Financial Accounting and Reporting III3
ACCTNG 4402Financial Accounting and Reporting IV3
ACCTNG 4435Auditing3
Research Course
Select one of the following:
ACCTNG 5402Professional Accounting Research3
or ACCTNG 5406 Research and Professional Writing in Accounting
or ACCTNG 5441 Tax Research
Graduate Topics
Select one of the following:
ACCTNG 5403Graduate Topics in Financial Accounting3
or ACCTNG 5412 Graduate Topics in Management Accounting: Controllership
or ACCTNG 5435 Graduate Topics in Auditing
or ACCTNG 6441 Graduate Topics in Taxation
Students must complete 15 hours of electives including at least six hours of Accounting courses.
Accounting Electives
Select at least two of the following (Not all courses are offered each year):
Professional Accounting Research
Graduate Topics in Financial Accounting
Research and Professional Writing in Accounting
Fraud Examination
Graduate Topics in Management Accounting: Controllership
Graduate Topics in Auditing
Systems Auditing
Tax Research
Advanced Topics in Taxation
Accounting and Auditing in Governmental and Not-for-Profit Entities
International Accounting
Graduate Internship in Accounting
Contemporary Issues In Accountancy
Graduate Seminar in Accounting
Graduate Topics in Taxation
Non-Accounting Courses
Students may complete up to 9 hours from other business disciplines (maximum: 9 credit hours at the graduate level)
Any BUS AD 5000 and above
Any FINANCE 6500 and above
Any INFSYS 5800 and above
Any SCMA 5300 and above
Any MGMT 5600 and above
Any MKTG 5700 and above
Total Hours48

Learning Outcomes

Upon Completion of the program, graduates will be able to:

  • Synthesize business process transactions as well as create and analyze financial statements
  • Analyze, critique, and inform strategic options relevant to business processes, corporate governance, internal controls, and security
  • Identify and discuss the impact of International Financial Reporting Standards upon financial reporting
  • Apply ethical judgement in analyzing accounting situations and be able to formulate ethical accounting and business decisions
  • Actively participate in team collaborations as well as prepare written professional communications that justify, critique, or inform relevant accounting or business decisions
  • Analyze and critique business decisions in the functional business areas of financial analysis, corporate governance, taxation, or business processes