Psychology PhD, Industrial and Organizational Psychology Emphasis

Industrial/Organizational Psychology

The Industrial/Organizational Psychology program is offered in cooperation with selected faculty from the College of Business to prepare students for careers in industry or academia. This program embraces the scientist-practitioner model and provides a balanced training in I/O. This emphasis provides "industrial" training in areas such as personnel selection, training, and test development/validation, as well as "organizational" training in areas such as work motivation, leadership, and group processes. Research and other training experiences in various settings are also incorporated.

Learning Outcomes for the Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology:

The Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational (IO) Psychology has the following goals:

Goal 1. Students will gain a broad-based foundation of knowledge and conceptual skills necessary for applied psychological research and practice.

Goal 2. Students will develop the ability to evaluate and conduct methodologically sound research of potential benefit to the theory and practice of psychology.

Goal 3. Students will develop the ability to apply psychological principles that are theory-based and research-supported to individuals and groups in organizational settings.

Goal 4. Students will develop a firm basis for ethical decision-making in research and practice.

Goal 5. Students will display adaptability in their applications of research, assessment and practical psychological approaches to individuals and groups in organizational settings.