Biochemistry and Biotechnology MS, Professional Emphasis

This track requires a total of 32 graduate credit hours, of which at least half must be at the 5000-level or above. Students take 21 credit hours of science courses (Biology and Chemistry) and 9 hours in business courses.  In addition, each student is required to take 2 credit hours of either an on-campus practicum course or an off-campus internship.

Required Courses in Biology and Chemistry
CHEM 5722Advanced Graduate Biochemistry3
CHEM 5774Bioinformatics3
or BIOL 5436 Advanced Applied Bioinformatics
BIOL 6615Advanced Biotechnology Laboratory II4
BIOL 6602Advanced Molecular Biology3
or BIOL 6608 Advanced Synthetic Biology
BIOL 6889Graduate Seminar2
Required Internship or Practicum2
Choose one of the following:
Professional Science Business Electives 9
Industrial and Organizational Psychology
Economics for Managers
Managerial Communication
Managing and Leading in Organizations
Integrated Marketing Strategies
Law, Ethics and Business
Elective Courses in Biology and Chemistry6
Biochemistry Laboratory
Foundations of Physical Chemistry
Special Topics in Organic Chemistry
Advanced Physical Biochemistry
Special Topics in Biochemistry
Problem Seminar in Biochemistry 1
Graduate Research in Chemistry 2
Graduate Research in Biology
Advanced Genetics
Topics in Cellular and Molecular Biology 1
Biology Colloquium 1
Advanced Molecular Biology
Advanced Synthetic Biology
Advanced Cellular Basis of Disease
Advanced Nucleic Acid Structure and Function
Advanced Plant Biology and Biotechnology
Advanced Virology
Advanced Topics in Biology
Total Hours32

Maximum of 2 credit hours between BIOL 5069, BIOL 5099 and CHEM 6787.


  Can be taken for up to 2 credit hours in either CHEM 6905 or BIOL 6905. Students must have a 3.0 GPA in non-research courses.