Labor Studies Undergraduate Certificate

Labor Studies Certificate

The Labor Studies Certificate is designed for students who are interested in a focused specialty in labor studies. The 18 credit hour curriculum consists of six credit courses offered over a three-semester period.

HIST 2219United States Labor History3
ECON 3450Labor in the Global Political Economy3
POL SCI 1450Introduction to Labor Studies3
POL SCI 3220Labor Law3
POL SCI 3430Union Leadership and Administration3
POL SCI 3470Collective Bargaining3
Total Hours18

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the program, a certificate earner will be able to:

  • Identify and apply techniques to research and analyze power relations, organizational structures, and effective action in workplace settings.
  • Demonstrate knowledge about the economy, including wage, tax, and trade policy; historical disparities; and the role of corporations, unions, and other organizations.
  • Asses, analyze and apply the skills of building cooperation and collaboration needed in negotiations and in alternative dispute resolution.
  • Locate and clearly explain the laws and regulations affecting workers, workplaces, labor and community organizations.