Computer Science Accelerated Master's Degree

The Department of Computer Science offers the Accelerated MS degree in Computer Science available to departmental undergraduate majors. Students may join the program and work toward MS in Computer Science regardless of the departmental BS program (BS in Computer Science; BS in Computing Technology; BS in Cybersecurity, Computer Science Emphasis; BS in Data Science and Analysis, Computer Science emphasis).

A student accepted to the Accelerated MS in Computer Science degree program can double count up to 12 credit hours toward both their BS degree and the MS in Computer Science degree, reducing the total credits required to earn both degrees by up to 12 credits. The student must still complete their BS requirements, as well as entry and graduation requirements for the MS in Computer Science program. In the program, the student can also complete the BS first and continue the MS in Computer Science program part-time, after transitioning to work. To gain the dual benefits, the student should begin working with a designated advisor before BS graduation, preferably at least a year ahead.

Admission Requirements

Provisional Admission

An applicant is considered for provisional admission if they meet the following criteria.

After provisional admission, but while in provisional standing, the student continues working toward their BS program but can take courses, including graduate-level courses, to count toward both degrees, while still paying undergraduate tuition rates.  These courses must be approved in advance to count toward both degrees.

Graduate Admission

A student in the final semester of their undergraduate degree program can apply for admission to the graduate school for admission to the MS in Computer Science.  An applicant must meet the following criteria for formal admission.

  • Are in their final semester in undergraduate status
  • Maintained a GPA of a minimum of 3.0 in the provisional status
  • Submitted to the Graduate Director for MS in Computer Science a 1 – 2 page statement of purpose briefly explaining what and why they intend to study.
  • Meet the entry requirements for admission to the MS degree in Computer Science other than having received the BS degree

The Graduate Program Director, in consultation with the Undergraduate Director, will determine whether the student can apply for graduate admission.  Final decisions concerning graduate admission are made by the Graduate School in consultation with the Program Director. Students admitted at this stage are conferred graduate status and must continue taking graduate courses until the completion of the MS degree.

Awarding of Degrees

The student works both toward completion of their undergraduate degree and the MS in Computer Science, with up to 12 credit hours counting toward both programs and thus reducing the total credit for both programs by up to 12 credits.

The student may apply for and receive the bachelor’s degree in the semester when all the undergraduate requirements are completed. In their final semester in undergraduate status, the student must apply and be admitted to the graduate program, to begin the following semester. The student will apply to receive the master’s degree in the semester that the requirements for the graduate degree will be completed.

If the student fails to enroll for more than one year after receiving the bachelor's degree, the student can still earn the MS degree, but the graduate-level credits earned as an undergraduate cannot be used for the graduate degree.