Artificial Intelligence Graduate Certificate

The graduate certificate in Artificial Intelligence is a four-course (12 credit hour) program. It provides skills and training necessary to start and/or advance in the growing areas of AI, with a range of electives to focus more specifically in one’s desired direction of study. All students must take two required courses and two electives.

A minimum of three courses must be taken from UMSL.  A maximum of two courses can be used from the 4000-level.  Courses may be substituted with the permission of the certificate coordinator. For more information, students can contact the department chair or email

Required Courses
CMP SCI 5130Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms3
CMP SCI 5300Artificial Intelligence3
Elective Courses6
Choose two of the following:
Database Management Systems
Statistical Methods for Data Science
Evolutionary Computation
Machine Learning
Data Mining
Biological Data Science
Deep Learning
Digital Image Processing and Computer Vision
Advances in Evolutionary Computation
Genetic Programming
Total Hours12