Organizational Leadership BA, Executive Leadership Emphasis

The Organizational Leadership major is designed to provide adult students with the knowledge, skills, and credentials necessary to advance in a rapidly changing workplace.  This program will help students understand theoretical and practical aspects of leadership across disciplines, while allowing them to focus on a specific emphasis area that interests them.  

This program is most appropriate for students who have completed at least 40 transferable credit hours at the undergraduate level or have been awarded an A.A. or A.S. degree (or A.A.S. degree with a general education emphasis).  Students who do not have previous working experience and substantial transferred credits should consult with an advisor to determine if this program is the correct fit.

General Education Requirements

Majors must satisfy the university and college general education requirements. The foreign language requirement for a B.A. must also be satisfied.

Core Courses
INTDSC 2001Introduction to Organizational Leadership3
SOC 1010Introduction to Sociology (MOTR SOCI 101)3
COMM 2231Communication in the Organization3
COMM 2235Professional Communication 3
ENGL 3100Junior-Level Writing3
or ENGL 3120 Business Writing
or ENGL 3130 Technical Writing
INFSYS 1800Computers and Information Systems3
PHIL 1160Critical Thinking (MOTR PHIL 101)3
PHIL 2254Business Ethics3
MGMT 3600Management and Organizational Behavior3
INTDSC 4001Organizational Leadership Capstone3
Total Hours30

Students Seeking a B.A. in Organizational Leadership must complete one of the following emphasis areas:

A. Computing and Information Security
B. Community Studies
C. Corporate Communication
D. Criminal Justice
E. Executive Leadership
F. Health Communication
G. Operational Excellence
H. Social Justice
I. Individualized Emphasis Area

Specific Requirements for the Emphasis Area

MGMT 3611Advanced Management and Organizational Behavior3
MGMT 3612Professional Skills Development3
MGMT 3625Leadership in Organizations3
Total Hours9