Trauma Studies Undergraduate Certificate

The undergraduate Certificate Program in Trauma Studies is an interdisciplinary program requiring 18 credits of training across a minimum of 3 disciplines.  This certificate is appropriate for students who want to specialize in working in a variety of professional settings with individuals who have been exposed to potentially traumatic events (e.g., physical and sexual assault, intimate partner violence, child abuse and neglect, community and gun violence, war, natural disasters). Students develop knowledge and competencies related to trauma exposure, posttraumatic growth, trauma-related difficulties including PTSD, and implications for working across a variety of professional settings. 

Many but not all of the courses required by the Certificate Program in Trauma Studies have prerequisites. Some students may satisfy prerequisites by virtue of their prior curriculum and their major program of study. When this is not the case, students are responsible for satisfying the prerequisites.

All students must take at least one course offered by 3 different departments (including their home department).

Up to 9 credit hours of coursework can apply to the major program of study.  Certificate Coordinator’s approval is required for trauma certificate courses to be double-counted towards another undergraduate certificate program at UM-St. Louis.

Required Course:
PSYCH/GS 3232Psychology of Trauma3
Select three to five of the following:9-15
Communities and Crime
Violence Against Women
War Crimes, Genocide, and Justice in the 20th and 21st Centuries
Psychology of Death and Dying
Traumatic Stress in Childhood and Adolescence
Child Maltreatment: A Multidisciplinary Approach
Intimate Partner Violence
Choose up to two courses from the following:6
Criminal Law
Youth Gangs
Crime Prevention
Gender, Crime, and Justice
Race, Crime, and Justice
ED PSY 3312
Interpersonal Skills in Helping Relationships
Behavioral Health Concepts
NURSE 3214
NURSE 3340
Public Administration
Introduction to Public Policy
Psychology of Gender
Psychological Disorders
Introduction to Gender Studies
Social Issues and Social Policy Development
Diversity and Social Justice
Total Hours18

Please seek approval of the Coordinator of the Trauma Studies Certificate in advance.

Special Topics courses relevant to trauma studies may be included in the certificate when approved in advance by the coordinator of the trauma studies certificate.