Biology Minor

Students may minor in biology by completing a minimum of 19 credit hours in biology, of which at least 9 hours of the biology course credits must be taken in residence at UMSL.

Requirements are:

BIOL 1821Introductory Biology: Organisms and the Environment (MOTR BIOL 150L)5
BIOL 1831Introductory Biology: From Molecules to Organisms (MOTR BIOL 150L)5
BIOL 2012Genetics3
Two additional courses totaling no less than 6 credit hours. At least one course should be at the 3000 level or above.6
Total Hours19

All students must plan an appropriate course of study in consultation with an advisor, and the program must be given prior approval by the Chairperson of the Department of Biology. Under certain circumstances, a student may deviate from the prescribed course of study and substitute a group of courses that exhibit a coherent area of specialization to coordinate with a career objective.

Candidates must have a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or better in the minor, courses may be taken on a satisfactory/ unsatisfactory (s/u) basis.

Learning Outcomes

Foundational Knowledge  

Students with a minor in biology will demonstrate an understanding of the fundamental principles of biology including the structure and function of cells and their components, heredity and variation in populations, and evolution.

Laboratory Skills

Minors will acquire a basic understanding of how the scientific method is employed for research.