Gerontology Minor

Opportunities and challenges of human aging intersect with most academic and professional disciplines. Older adults receive a range of health, social, economic and other support services (e.g. through government programs, medical centers, senior centers, long-term care facilities, not-for-profit agencies) in order to help them age successfully at home or elsewhere.  The 12 credit hour Undergraduate Minor in Gerontology is designed to introduce students to this important field.

All students must take a 3-credit introductory course.  The remaining 9 credit hours must include at least two courses at the 3000-level or above.  Substitutions or alternative courses may be included with approval of the Program Coordinator for Gerontology.

Students wishing to designate a 4000-level course as capstone for the BLS must coordinate this with Program Coordinator for Gerontology prior to starting the course.

Required Course
SOC/GERON 2170Aging in America: Concepts & Controversies 3
Complete at least 9 elective hours in GERON, with at least 6 hours at the 3000 level or above. 19
Total Hours12

Courses that are aging-related but not cross listed with GERON may be substituted with the approval of the Gerontology Program Coordinator.