Cybersecurity BS, Computer Science Emphasis

Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Cybersecurity

Degree Requirements

Students must choose one of the following emphasis areas at the time of application for admission.

  • Computer Science (CS) Emphasis (total 120 credit hours)
  • Information Systems (IS) Emphasis (total 123 credit hours)

Degree requirements vary depending on the chosen emphasis area (see common and emphasis area required courses and credit hours below). 

General Education Requirements

Students must satisfy the university general education requirements. Many of the courses for the degree may be used to fulfill general education requirements. There is no foreign language requirement for this degree.

Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory Option

Courses required for the major may not be taken on a satisfactory/unsatisfactory basis.

Required Courses

The degree requires 33 credit hours of core coursework applicable to both emphasis areas. Emphasis specific required courses are listed below. Please see 4-year degree plans for recommend course sequences within each emphasis.

Required Core Courses 

ENGL 3120Business Writing3
or ENGL 3130 Technical Writing
CMP SCI 1250Introduction to Computing3
CMP SCI 2250Programming and Data Structures3
CMP SCI 2261Object-Oriented Programming3
CMP SCI 2700Computer Organization and Architecture3
CMP SCI 2750Linux Environment and Programming3
INFSYS 3848Introduction to Information Security3
or CMP SCI 3702 Introduction to Cyber Threats and Defense
INFSYS 3868Secure Software Development3
INFSYS 3878Information Security Risk Management and Business Continuity3
CMP SCI 4700Computer Forensics3
CMP SCI 4732Introduction to Cryptography for Computer Security3
Total Hours33

Computer Science Emphasis

In addition to the 33 credit hours of core required coursework, the B.S. Cybersecurity degree with Computer Science emphasis requires 42-44 credit hours of emphasis specific course work. Thus, candidates for the B.S. in Cybersecurity degree with Computer Science emphasis must complete a major program of 75-77 (33 core + 42-44 emphasis specific) credit hours of required courses. 

For the Computer Science emphasis all general degree requirements from the College of Arts and Science apply.

MATH 1320Introduction to Probability and Statistics3
MATH 1100Basic Calculus3-5
or MATH 1800 Analytic Geometry and Calculus I
MATH 3000Discrete Structures3
CMP SCI 3010Web Programming3
CMP SCI 3130Design and Analysis of Algorithms3
CMP SCI 3780Software Security3
CMP SCI 4730Computer Networks and Communications3
CMP SCI 4750Introduction to Cloud Computing3
CMP SCI 4760Operating Systems3
CMP SCI 4782Information Security3
CMP SCI 4794Introduction to Security of IoT Systems3
Electives (choose 3 from following)9
Critical Thinking (MOTR PHIL 101)
Business Ethics
Introduction to Criminology and Criminal Justice
Computers in Criminal Justice
Undergraduate Internship
Introduction to Android Apps: Android Fundamentals
Introduction to iOS Programming and Apps
iOS Apps
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
Introduction to the Software Profession
Database Management Systems
Introduction to Mobile Computing, Networking, and Security
Advanced Security and Information Systems
Seminar in Information Systems
Other electives upon approval of Computer Science department chair
Total Hours42-44

Information Systems Emphasis

In addition to the 33 credit hours of core required coursework, the B.S. Cybersecurity degree with Information Systems emphasis requires 75 credit hours of emphasis specific coursework (48 general business + 27 program specific). Thus, candidates for the B.S. in Cybersecurity degree with Information Systems emphasis must complete a program of 108 (33 core + 75 emphasis specific) credit hours of required courses.

For the Information Systems emphasis all general degree requirements from the College of Business Administration apply.  

INFSYS 3820Introduction to Systems Administration3
INFSYS 3842Data Networks and Security3
INFSYS 3806Managerial Applications of Object-Oriented Programming I3
INFSYS 3815Object-Oriented Applications in Business3
INFSYS 3845Database Management Systems3
INFSYS 3858Advanced Security and Information Systems3
SCMA 4347Introduction to Project Management3
Major Specific Electives (choose 2 from following)6
Internship in Business Administration
Data Programming
Artificial Intelligence Applications for Business
Applied Cryptography for Business
Seminar in Information Systems 1
Information Security
Introduction to Cloud Computing
Predictive Analytics and Data Mining
Prescriptive Analytics and Optimization
Transportation Security and Risk
Other electives upon approval of Information Systems department chair
Total Hours27

Learning Outcomes

  1. Understand and Describe the Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability security objectives and key security principles that enable the development of security mechanisms
  2. Demonstrate an understanding of physical, data link, network, transport, and application layers of data networking and identify potential information security pitfalls at each layer
  3. Describe important secure software development principles and common web application security vulnerabilities
  4. Describe common applications of cryptographic, network, application, and systems security defense mechanisms to improve information security
  5. Understand the role of systematic information security risk management in fostering information security within organizations and the role of management and control frameworks such as NIST Special Publications and ISO 27000 series standards in doing so.

Sample Four Year Plan

First Year
INTDSC 100311CMP SCI 12503 
ENGL 11003MATH 18005 
MATH 10303CORE - US History and Government3 
MATH 10352EXPLORE - Humanities and Fine Arts 3 
EXPLORE - Humanities and Fine Arts3EXPLORE - Social Sciences3 
EXPLORE - Social Sciences3  
 15 17
Second Year
CMP SCI 22503CMP SCI 22613 
CMP SCI 27003CMP SCI 27503 
MATH 13203CMP SCI 30103 
MATH 30003INFSYS 38483 
EXPLORE - Humanities and Fine Arts3CORE - Communication Proficiency3 
 15 15
Third Year
CMP SCI 31303CMP SCI 37023CMP SCI 47323
CMP SCI 37803CMP SCI XXXX Computer Science Elective3 
CMP SCI 47303CMP SCI XXXX Computer Science Elective3 
INFSYS 38783INFSYS 38683 
ENGL 31303EXPLORE - Social Sciences3 
 15 15 3
Fourth Year
CMP SCI 47003CMP SCI 47823 
CMP SCI 47503CMP SCI 47603 
CMP SCI 47943Cultural Diversity Requirement3 
CMP SCI 3XXX Computer Science Elective3Elective or minor3 
 Elective or minor1 
 12 13
Total Hours: 120

PLEASE NOTE: This plan is an example of what a four year plan could look like for a typical student. Placement exam scores in math as well as the completion of coursework may change the plan. It should not be used in the place of regular academic advising appointments. All students are encouraged to meet with their advisor each semester. All requirements are subject to change.