Entrepreneurship Undergraduate Certificate


This 18-credit hour certificate, which includes 9 hours of required coursework, will allow students from different majors and with different professional interests to investigate the foundations of entrepreneurial practice.   This certificate is appropriate for any student who has an interest in advancing his or her knowledge, creativity, and skills necessary to become or work with entrepreneurs, bring entrepreneurial thinking to his or her workplace, and who seeks a competitive edge in the job market.

Required Courses

ENT 1001Introduction to Entrepreneurship3
BUS AD 4001Accelerate Capstone3
In addition, students must take at least one of the following classes:3
Creativity and Systems for Innovation
Social Entrepreneurship
Total Hours9

Elective Courses

Students must complete a minimum of nine hours, chosen from any of the following lists.  The groupings are suggestions that would provide a concentrated focus in a specific area. 

Additional courses that may meet this requirement:

  1. a course designated as Entrepreneurship in transfer; 
  2. future courses, as approved by the director of entrepreneurship certificate.  

Entrepreneurship in the Arts

ENT 2030Business in the Arts3

Entrepreneurship with Digital Marketing

CMP SCI 3010Web Programming3
CMP SCI 4010Advanced Web Development with Java3
INFSYS 3847Web Design3
MGMT 4614Entrepreneurship/Small Business Management3
MKTG 3710Consumer Behavior3
MKTG 3720Management of Promotion3
MKTG 3721Introduction to Digital Marketing Strategies3
MKTG 3722Introduction to Social Media Marketing3

Education Entrepreneurship 

ED FND 3251Black Americans in Education3
ED FND 4330History of American Education through the Lens of Social Justice3
ED PSY 2212Child and Adolescent Development3
ED REM 4730Program Assessment and Evaluation3
ED TECH 4302Educational Technology Instruction in Educational Agencies3
or ED TECH 4436 Computer-Mediated Teaching and Learning in Education
EDUC 2222Interpretation: Connecting Audiences and Meaning3
EDUC 3170Grant Proposal Writing for Educators3
MKTG 3721Introduction to Digital Marketing Strategies3
THEATR 3362Storytelling3

 Focus on Entrepreneurship

ACCTNG 2410Managerial Accounting3
BUS AD 2900Legal Environment of Business3
MGMT 4614Entrepreneurship/Small Business Management3
NURSE 3808Management And Leadership In Nursing3
SOC WK 4350Human Service Organizations3

Social Entrepreneurship 

ACCTNG 3451Accounting for Governmental and Not-For-Profit Entities3
EDUC 2222Interpretation: Connecting Audiences and Meaning3
MGMT 4614Entrepreneurship/Small Business Management3
MKTG 3721Introduction to Digital Marketing Strategies3
SOC WK 2000Social Work and Social Issues3
SOC WK 2200Social Welfare as a Social Institution3
SOC WK 3100Introduction to Strategies for Social Work Practice3
SOC WK 3410Research Design in Social Work3
SOC WK 3700Diversity and Social Justice3

Technology Entrepreneurship

BIOL 4614Biotechnology Laboratory I4
BIOL 4905Research3
CHEM 4772Physical Biochemistry3
CMP SCI 2250Programming and Data Structures3
CMP SCI 2750Linux Environment and Programming3
CMP SCI 3010Web Programming3
CMP SCI 4020Introduction to Android Apps: Android Fundamentals3
CMP SCI 4220Introduction to iOS Programming and Apps3
CMP SCI 4792Introduction to Mobile Computing, Networking, and Security3
ED TECH 4558Computer Ethics for Educators3
INFSYS 3810Information Systems Analysis3
INFSYS 3844Developing Business Applications in .NET3
INFSYS 3845Database Management Systems3
INFSYS 3847Web Design3
INFSYS 4850Information Systems Design3
INFSYS 3848Introduction to Information Security3
J E ENGR 4050Reliability and Quality Control3
J M ENGR 4900Engineering Project Management3

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the program, certificate earners will be able to:

  • Understand and apply the language of entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Apply entrepreneurship concepts in both personal and professional contexts
  • Articulate and communicate new opportunities by writing and presenting elevator pitches, slide decks, and performing class presentations
  • Use interdisciplinary theories and concepts to identify root causes and solve problems in any setting