Music Minor

  1. Candidates must complete the following courses (28 hours):
Music Theory
THRY COM 1301Theory of Music I3
THRY COM 1302Aural Training I2
THRY COM 1311Theory of Music II3
THRY COM 1312Aural Training II2
Music History and Literature
M H L T 2010History of Western Music I (MOTR MUSC 103)3
M H L T 2030Special Topics in Musicology3
PRACTM 1140Piano Proficiency I1
PRACTM 1150Piano Proficiency II1
Applied Music (AP MUS)
1 hour every semester in progress toward minor with a minimum of 4 credit hours4
Ensemble (EN PER) (4 hours maximum credit)2
Select six credit hours from the following:6
History of Western Music II (MOTR MUSC 104)
Piano Proficiency III
Piano Proficiency IV
Theory of Music III
Aural Training III
Theory of Music IV
Aural Training IV
Total Hours30

Music education methods courses and instrumental techniques courses may not be taken to complete this minor.

Non-keyboard players are required to pass an exam of piano proficiency or equivalent.

A GPA of 2.5 for all music hours is required to complete this minor.