Professional Writing Undergraduate Certificate


Students earn the Professional Writing Certificate by completing 18 hours in selected writing courses with a grade point average of 3.0 or better. Twelve of the 18 hours must be taken at the University of Missouri-St. Louis. Courses may not be taken on a satisfactory/unsatisfactory basis.

Students may take a combination of Professional, Academic, and Creative Writing courses leading up to a Capstone course.

Students who wish to pursue a technical writing emphasis should contact the Coordinator for information about appropriate courses and internships.

Professional Writing Courses
ENGL/MEDIA ST 2080Advertising Copywriting3
ENGL/MEDIA ST 3150Feature Writing3
ENGL 3280/COMM 2180Public Relations Writing3
ENGL 4160Special Topics in Writing3
ENGL 4810Descriptive English Grammar3
ENGL 4850Topics in the Teaching of Writing1-3
ENGL 4860Editing and the Production Process3
ENGL 4870Advanced Business and Technical Writing3
ENGL 4880Writing for Teachers3
Academic Writing Courses
ENGL 2120Topics in Writing3
ENGL 2810Traditional Grammar3
ENGL 3090Turning the Kaleidoscope: How We Look at Texts3
ENGL 3100Junior-Level Writing3
HONORS 3100Honors Advanced Composition: Writing The City3
ENGL 3110Junior-Level Writing for International Students3
ENGL 3120Business Writing3
ENGL 3130Technical Writing3
ENGL 3160Writing in the Sciences3
Creative Writing Courses
Students may take up to 2 creative writing courses.
ENGL 2040Fiction Writing Jumpstart3
ENGL 3030Improving on the Blank Page: Writing Poetry3
ENGL 3040Lying to Tell a Truth: Writing Fiction3
ENGL 4130A Machine Made of Words: Writing Your Best Poems3
ENGL 4140Polishing Your Stories: Producing a Publishable Short Story3
ENGL 4895Editing "Litmag3
Capstone Course
ENGL 4890Writing Internship (Required. Usually taken as the last course in the program. Must include an extensive final project.)3
ENGL 4892Independent Writing Project3

When the student has completed requirements for the certificate, the coordinator will notify the university registrar and the college from which the student will graduate. Upon the student’s graduation, completion of the Professional Writing Certificate will be noted on the official transcript and a certificate will be mailed to the student’s residence. Students who have graduated before completing the Professional Writing Certificate will receive the certificate in the mail and will have the certificate entered on their official transcripts.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the program, certificate earners will be able to:

  • Write clearly, correctly, and concisely
  • Develop knowledge of how writing impacts work and behavior in professional settings
  • Employ a repertoire of writing strategies and practices in the workplace
  • Effectively adapt content to a variety of professional audiences
  • Discern the appropriate tone, style, and format needed for a given writing purpose, audience, and context
  • Demonstrate advanced knowledge of rhetorical strategies to achieve specific results
  • Practice solid revision and editing skills
  • Integrate expectations about professional standards and persuasive, content-based thinking into their written communication
  • Recognize and adjust to expectations in the global workplace setting.
  • Develop a portfolio of professional writing that would serve in a job search
  • Work independently and collaboratively on complex professional documents
  • Adapt to new writing challenges quickly