Data Science and Analysis BS, Supply Chain Analytics Emphasis

General Education Requirements

Students must satisfy the university general education requirements. Many of the courses for the degree may be used to fulfill math proficiency, information literacy, social science, and math and life/natural sciences requirements. The program recommends students take ENGL 3130,Technical Writing or ENGL 3120, Business Writing, to satisfy the Junior-Level Writing requirement. Emphasis areas may require one of these courses. There is no foreign language requirement for the degree.

Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory Option

Courses required for the major may not be taken on a satisfactory/unsatisfactory basis.

Degree Requirements

The BS in Data Science and Analysis consists of a set of core courses along with an emphasis area.

Core Course
MATH 1800Analytic Geometry and Calculus I 13-5
or MATH 1100 Basic Calculus
Statistics Course3
The Introduction to Statistics course should align with the student's Discipline Emphasis Area.
Choose one of the following:
Quantitative Data Analysis in Social Science Research
Economic Data and Statistics
Statistical Analysis in Criminology and Criminal Justice
Introduction to Probability and Statistics
Psychological Statistics
Political Analysis
Business Analytics and Statistics
Additional Required Courses
MATH 4005Exploratory Data Analysis with R3
CMP SCI 1250Introduction to Computing3
CMP SCI 4200Python for Scientific Computing and Data Science3
CMP SCI 4342Introduction to Data Mining3
Total Hours18-20

Students interested in the Computer Science emphasis area, the Mathematics Emphasis Area, or in taking additional mathematics courses should take MATH 1800

Emphasis Area Requirements 

SCMA 3301Introduction to Supply Chain Management3
SCMA 3320Advanced Supply Chain and Operations Management3
SCMA 4330Business Logistics3
SCMA 4331Applied Supply Chain Modeling3
SCMA 4350Prescriptive Analytics and Optimization3
Choose one of the following:3
Predictive Analytics and Data Mining
Internship in Supply Chain and Analytics
Seminar in Supply Chain Management and Analytics 1
Supply Chain Management Practicum
Advanced Topics in Supply Chain and Analytics 1
Total Hours18

Students must complete 3 credit hours in order to count the course as an elective.